25 BEST Glitter Nail Polishes & Gel Polishes [2024]

best glitter nail polish

Here are the best glitter nail polishes and gel polishes out there for this year.

Glitter nails are so sparkly, and the way the holographic pigments and micas catch the light is stunning.

When it comes to a glitter & full coverage sparkly manicure there's many nail polish brands to choose from that offer dramatic holographic linear polishes to chunky glitter polishes. Also, it's important to note the difference between different formulas.

best glitter nail polishes

You know, it's harder than you think to find the absolute best glitter nail polishes that go far beyond the ordinary brands. We know you will be so excited when you see some of these amazing finds! There are some artisan brands that you will definitely want to take a closer look at.

We will discuss:

  • The best linear holographic glitter polishes. Linear holographic polishes have very finely milled pigments that show a rainbow or color changing effect.
  • Scattered glitter polishes. Scattered polishes are formulated with small rainbow glitters that are more chunky than a linear polish.
  • Chunky glitter polishes that are available from artisan brands and top brands.
  • Cat eye magnetic polishes for a multi-dimensional effect.

There's also some tips and tricks on how to get your glitter manicure perfect every single time at the bottom of this article.

No matter if you are using a sparkly black nail polish or a color shifting cat eye glitter polish, we have some very helpful ways to help get your polish on perfectly every time.

Let's go through this list together to find your perfect sparkle polish! We know you will fall in love with these!

Best Glitter Nail Polishes

1. Underground Deep Black Holo

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Starting this list out strong! The sparkle of this glitter polish is like nothing you've ever seen before. The black based holographic sparkle catches the light and shifts colors to an orangey red.

It's the perfect nail lacquer for a night out on the town or a special event. You'll turn heads and get compliments all night long!

This polish will be opaque in two light coats of paint, but for extra wear and coverage you might want to go for a third coat. It dries fast so if you stick to the lighter layers, you will be on your way in not time.

best black glitter polish

2. Black Magic Small Glitter Polish

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Check out this holographic polish with a black base. The fine holo pigments give it an intense sparkly effect. Very mysterious, this glittery polish is a must have for a dramatic manicure.

The black base color is a perfect match with the rainbow of linear extra fine glitters.

Whether you're going for a classic manicure or something more creative, this holographic polish is sure to make your nails stand out for sure.

holographic black glitter polish

Watch the video swatch in their listing and you can see exactly what this polish looks like in two coats. 

black holo glitter polish swatching video

3. Alloy Matey

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You're looking at one of the absolute best silver glitter nail polishes on the market. With lots of micro bling, this polish will give you extra full coverage in 2-3 light layers.

Use an ultra glossy top coat for extra shine, and the glitter load in the base will give you a manicure that will sparkle in the light. This is the perfect silver glitter polish for DIY nails, and it's also an artisan polish that is made with love.

So if you're looking for a silver glitter nail polish that is going to sparkle and give you a beautiful manicure, look no further than this one!

silver glitter nail polish

4. Amanita Moment

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A unique shade of green glitter nail polish with orange flakes reminds us of those quiet walks through the forest. The polish is packed with micro bling, which gives it extra full coverage in 2-3 light layers.

The different shapes of sparkle flakes in the base will give you a manicure that will color shift from sage green to red with orange and gold accents.

For a truly dramatic look, go for a two toned look by using their artisan silver glitter polish above to pair with this color. This Etsy shop makes some of the best glitter polishes out there, you will definitely want to check them out.

These polishes are handmade and often contain unique ingredients that make them extra sparkly and glamorous.

olive green glitter nail polish

5. Carnival

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This artisan rainbow glitter polish is the perfect example of what a scattered glitter polish should look like.

Glitters in all sizes really catch the light and make this shine. The rainbow effect is stunning with the combination of neon and matte glitters. It's a fun and sassy nail polish that will definitely catch your eye in the light, especially with the micro glitters that are suspended in the clear base.

Whether you're at a party or just going about your day, this whimsical polish is sure to add a bit of sparkle to your life. And this brand on Etsy wants you to know all of their polishes are made with love.

glitter nail polish

6. Glow Pop Glitter Collection

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 Are you ready for this? This is one of those finds that we get really excited about, and hope you do too!

This glitter set comes with 12 unique colors, including the best-selling Sea Me Glow and Mermaid. The polishes are easy to apply and make a great gift for any nail lover.

They'll have so much fun experimenting with all the different colors and creating amazing glitter nails. These polishes are sure to bring a smile to any nail DIY'ers face and they will immediately be freaking out about this!

best glitter nail polish gift set

7. Essie A Cut Above Pink Glitter

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This is one of essie's top selling pink glitter polishes. It has a clear base with loads of pink sparkle. The sparkle in this nail lacquer is truly mesmerizing.

When this polish catches the light it is simply stunning. This is the perfect lacquer for anyone who loves the color pink.

To get a perfect manicure with this polish, apply a base coat onto your nails. Follow with two-three coats of the polish. Once that is dry, finish a glossy top coat.

essie pink glitter polish

8. Platinum Glitter Gel Set

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Glitter gel polish is always a fun choice that nail lovers who love glittery effects can appreciate. This particular set of gel polish will give you full coverage and up to 4 weeks of wear with no chipping.

A curing lamp is required for this nail polish and we have a list of the best cure lamps to use for gels. Gel nail polish is a popular choice for many nail art lovers because it lasts longer than regular nail polish.

gel glitter polish set

Watch the video so you can see exactly how this glitter polish really shines in the light. The fine glitter really catches the light and makes it sparkle and shine.

gel glitter polish video

9. Gold Plaid Gel Stickers

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Have you tried gelly nails yet? These gold glitter nail polish gellies are one of the most popular sets for a fun and sparkly manicure.

These fun to use gel nails will give you a glittery finish that can last up to two weeks with proper nail prep. And because these are gels, a cure light is required to set the gellies.

Do be sure to check the special offers because this brand often gives away a free light for first time buyers!

glitter nail tabs

10. Violet Sparkle

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This is a purple ombre gel sticker set. The fine holographic pigments give it an intense sparkly effect.

And best of all, these gellies are chip free with the proper nail prep, so you can enjoy your beautiful nails for longer than a regular polish.

purple glitter nail tabs

11. Magnetic Cat Eye Glitter Polish

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A cat eye gel glitter nail polish is a super fun way to add a touch of color shifting sparkle to your nails.

The polish is packed full with micro bling, which gives it extra full coverage in 2 light layers. To get the most out of your manicure, use an ultra glossy no wipe top coat for extra shine.

The fun part is using the magnet to move the pigments around. And since it's gel polish that needs to be cured under a lamp, you can keep playing around with the design until you get it exactly how you want.

cat eye glitter gel polish

12. Cat Eye Gel Polish Set

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And here's another cat eye glitter gel set in different colors. This is one of the top selling glitter nail polish on Amazon with great reviews.

With lots of tiny magnetic glitters embedded into the base, this polish will give you such a fun and glittery effect.

This is a great set for DIY nails because it comes in several different colors so you can have a different look on each nail.

metallic 9d glitter polish

There's a video in their listing on how to use their cat eye nail polishes, you can see that the magnet moves the glitter around creating a shifting effect when the light hits the nail. A stunning glittery finish.

how to use glitter 9d nail polish

13. Glitter Gel In A Pot

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If you have never used glitter gel polish in a pot, you are in for a treat! These polishes go on just like gel polish but a little thicker, so you can build up the amount you need. This set looks like star gaze dust with glitter pieces.

First you prep the bare nail making sure that the shine is buffed off, then you apply a base coat. Once that is cured, you then apply the glitter gel polishes and then a final top coat.

If you have not used gel polishes before, we have a super helpful article on how to make a gel manicure last longer.

glitter polish in a pot

14. Izola Gold Glitter Flake

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It's hard to beat the formulas of Cirque Colors and we have used them here many times. This is Izola which might be one of your new favorite shades of high shine glitter.

It kind of reminds us of a purple disco ball with all that sparkly handmade loveliness. This color also made it into the best purple polishes list because we love it that much.

purple sparkle polish

15. Helter Seltzer Blue Grey Glitter Polish

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Here's a fabulous option for those who want to try a cat eye manicure without using gel polish. Cirque Colors has a magnetic formula of holo glitter polish that can be moved around with a magnet to create a holographic glitter nail.

holographic glitter polish in silver

The video in their listing shows exactly what this polish looks like and how it moves around. The extra fine glitter just makes it one of those iridescent polishes that look amazing.

You will also love their 10-free formula that does not contain the most known harmful chemicals.

holo silver glitter polish

16. Disco Ball cirque

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And then Cirque Colors has hands down, the best glittery finish silvery polish that looks like Cinderella's glass slippers. This is one polish to put on your favorite shades list. It's kind of like a translucent base that will be sheer with one coat or full high shine coverage with 2-3 light coats.

This is one of those brands that we love to feature here on this nail blog because they are vegan cruelty free so it's a sparkly manicure you can feel good about wearing.

best silver glitter polish

17. SunCrusher Black With Orange

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You know those times when you want to be fashion forward and have a polish that you can't find anywhere else? Check out the SunCrusher polish with a black base and orange flecks.

Maybe it's the way the glitter flakes change from red, orange to yellow. Or the fact that it has different shapes of glitter. No matter what draws you into this look, you are going to get a wear of at least 6 days with a base coat and a top coat.

orange black glitter polish

18. Blood Moon Red Glitter

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Even though there are so many red glitter polishes out there to try, it can be hard to find that perfect shade of red that has the right kind of sparkle.

Enter Blood Moon by NeverMind. It has a deep red base with orange micro glitters that look like the most beautiful red moon you have ever seen.

This polish is going to give you full coverage in 2 coats. It looks so good in the bottle, and even better on your nails! Their customers are raving about this one.

red glitter nail polish

19. Holophilia Glitter Collection

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This glittery polish set is unlike any other. The range of colors that come in this set can create so many different dramatic looks, and the fine holographic pigments give it an intense sparkly effect.

Their bottles are also a work of art, with a stylish design that will add a touch of class to any nail art room. And best of all, this polish is vegan and cruelty free, so you can enjoy your beautiful manicure guilt free.

Whether you're looking for a sophisticated polish for a special occasion or a fun glittery shade for everyday wear, this holographic polish is sure to make a statement.

artisan glitter polish collection

20. Pale Pink Glitter

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No nail polish collection is complete without a pale pink glitter polish. This pretty shade reminds us of tea parties and fairytales.

It's one of those polishes that look great when you are doing up a magical unicorn themed nail art or mermaid manicure.

light pink glitter polish

21. Loki Scattered Glitter

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Here's a good choice for when you want a scattered glitter topper. These are so fun to use and can be applied over pretty much any nail color to give an extra glittery effect.

Among the artisan nail polish makers on Etsy, there are a few who stand out for their vegan and cruelty free offerings. Their polishes are made in small batches to ensure quality, and they come in a range of stunning colors.

These artisan polishes are perfect for those who want to do their own manicures at home. They provide an alternative to the mass-produced polishes that are often tested on animals and contain harmful chemicals.

With these artisan polishes, you can have beautiful nails that are also kind to animals.

scattered glitter polish with stars

22. Glitter Liner Set

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Let's not forget a must have set of fine liner glitter polishes. These are what you would use to create unique accents and lines on your manicures.

This glitter nail liner set includes 6 bottles of bling colors and makes a wonderful gift option for someone who loves doing up their nails. Don't forget that this is a gel that needs a cure lamp.

glitter liner nail polish

23. Black And Gold Glitter Set

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No list is complete without the best gold glitter. And why buy just one bottle when you can get a whole set of different colors of gold? 

This glittery holographic polish can make so many different looks to your nails. The black & white base colors are a good canvas for the intense sparkly effect of the fine holographic pigments in the other shades.

The mystery of the polish is sure to captivate, especially those golds. The manicure is chip resistant and long lasting for up to 2-3 weeks with proper prep and curing. A really fun set to have in your nail stash.

black and gold glitter polish gel set

24. Yellow Scattered Glitter

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Doesn't this set look young and fun? There's something about a colorful nail that just makes you feel bright and cheerful. Maybe it's the way it instantly makes any outfit look like summer just arrived, or maybe it's the way it seems to shimmer and shine in the light.

Whatever the reason, yellow has always been associated with happiness and youth. And what could be more exciting than a beautiful yellow polish with colorful rainbow glitter specs?

yellow glitter nail polish

25. Starling

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What can be said about Starling? So many thoughts about this stunning polish. This polish is an example of what a scattered glitter polish with smaller glitter pieces should look like.

Glitters in all sizes really catch the light and make this shine. The rainbow effect is stunning with the combination of neon and holographic glitters. This fun and sassy nail polish is perfect for when you want to add a little whimsy to your look.

green blue glitter nail polish

With so many different colors and styles to choose from, there's sure to be a glitter nail polish that's perfect for you. And if you haven't found the perfect color of polish yet, you might consider mixing up your own by adding loose glitter for nail polish to your clear bases or builder gels for nails.

Glitter nail polish is the best way to add a touch of glam to your nails for sure. Whether you're looking for a subtle shimmer or a dramatic glitter, we hope you found some inspiration to take your manicures to the next level.

Can I apply a top coat onto glitter or holographic glitter polish?

Yes, you can apply a top coat onto a glitter polish. By applying a glossy top coat this will intensify the glitter particles that are suspended in the base. 

One of the most important things when it comes to glitter nail polish is the application. Here are some helpful tips to help you with your shimmering manicures.

How to apply glitter nail polish

  • Mix the glitter polish thoroughly. Before polishing your nails, the glitter nail polish will need to be mixed properly. Gently mix the bottle of nail polish before every use by rubbing it between your hands for about 2 minutes upside down. Also, storing the bottle upside down will prevent all the glitter from pooling at the bottom of the bottle.
  • Lightly buff your natural nail before application. This will help get perfect application and help the glitter polish stick for as long as possible.
  • Apply a peel off base coat. This is one of the best tips we can offer. Glitter polishes are well known to be very hard to remove! Check Prices On Amazon
  • Paint on 2-4 light layers allowing the polish to dry between layers. Very light layers are best when working with glitter. Try not to get too much polish onto your brush.
  • Or use a makeup sponge when applying clear glitter. This will help soak up any of the clear polish. Then dab the glitter onto the nail in several coats.
  • Apply the glitter nail polish color slow and steady. Avoid going over the same area over and over because this will cause the polish to get clumpy.
  • Remove extra polish or accidents with acetone. If you get any glitter onto the outside of your nail or into your cuticles you can remove it with some acetone and small nail brush.

Did you find a perfect glittery nail polish from this list? We hope so! 

Thanks for reading and being here with us today! We hope you can now find your new favorite glitter and shimmering nail polishes for your DIY manicures and nail art ideas!

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