15 Best Glue For Nail Rhinestones & Nail Gems [2023]

nail glue for rhinestones and gems

Here are the best nail glues and adhesives for attaching rhinestones and gems to nails.

A quality nail glue is an essential tool for applying rhinestones and gems to your nails so that they don't pop off and last as long as possible. And if you are making press on nails to sell, it's essential that rhinestones stay put for your customers.

With so many brands and types of glue on the market, it can be hard to know which one is best for your nail art needs.

In this blog post, we'll take a look at the different types of nail glue available and let you know about the best ones for use with rhinestones, gems and glitters. We will also show you some videos of the nail glue we use so you can see exactly what it looks like.

So whether you're looking for a long-lasting adhesive or a quick-drying formula, we've got you covered! 

rhinestone nail art glue

If you're a beginner nail artist or an experienced pro, read on for all the info you need to choose the right nail glue for rhinestones, gems, glitter and nail art embeds like clays and charms.

Some of these rhinestone nail glues will dry on their own. Other brands will require a cure lamp for nail glue to make sure they set the rhinestones and gems properly. We find that the best glue for rhinestones that really keeps them in place for a very long time is either UV nail glue or builder gel.

The difference between a quick dry glue and a gel glue is that a gel glue will require a cure light and will generally make the rhinestones more secure.

For this reason, we recommend gel nail glues over a regular nail glue. But for quick fix ups or if you do not have a nail lamp yet, there are some options on this list for a regular nail glue too.

Nail Art Glue For Rhinestones, Gems & Glitter

1. Makartt Nail Glue

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Add some extra sparkle and glamor to your nails without a cure lamp. This glue is specially formulated to keep flat backed rhinestones and gems in place, so you can create the most beautiful nail art designs imaginable.

This adhesive glue has a fine precision brush applicator so it is easy to apply.

*No cure light required

nail glue for rhinestones and gems

2. Rhinestone Nail Art Glue

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Here's a top selling nail glue that will keep rhinestones, glitter and gems in place while you're creating beautiful nail art. 

Whether you're adding a few strategically placed gems or going for a full-on rhinestone manicure, this nail glue will make sure your look lasts.

Apply the nail glue and then cure it under a nail lamp for the recommended time in the instructions.

Watch the instructional video that shows how to use their glue for rhinestones. You can apply the adhesive with a brush, toothpick or nail art tools that are included.

*Cure light required

best nail glue for rhinestones and gems

3. Super Strong Rhinestone Glue

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Get the salon look at home with this easy to use nail glue. Perfect for rhinestones and gems, this glue will keep everything in place so you can create beautiful nail art designs that will last up to 3-4 weeks with proper prep.

With a user-friendly brush, you'll be able to apply the glue easily and precisely, ensuring a neat and professional finish. This glue can be used with all kinds of rhinestones and embeds like loose glitter for nails.

*Cure light required

Check out their video on how to use their nail art glue for rhinestones.

how to use nail art glue

4. Builder Gel For Embeds

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Builder gel is a must have for embedding glitter and small rhinestones for a floating nail art look. Rhinestones and glitter will look like it's encapsulated inside the nail.

When you are looking for a super strong and long lasting medium for rhinestones and small gems, then builder gel is something that you might want to try.

For those of you who sell press on nails. You need a glue that will make sure everything is secure, so you might want to take a look at builder gel for your nails.

best glue for rhinestones

We have used builder gel for many nail art tutorials and can tell you for sure that the thick viscosity and way that you can embed and layer glitters and other elements will hold for up to 3-4 weeks.

If you are new to builder gel, check out our article about builder gel tips and the Modelones builder gel review. We also have a super helpful guide on choosing the best builder gel.

*Cure light required

5. UV Rhinestone Glue

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With just a few simple strokes, you can apply any of the nail art glues from MakyNail to your nails, forms and press on nails to achieve stunning results.

Whether you're looking to add a touch of sparkle and shine to your everyday look or want to create a one-of-a-kind design for a special occasion, any nail glue from this shop is a perfect solution.

best nail glue for gems

Try out their solid clear jelly glue which can be used for rhinestones, small gemstones and on white nail polish.

6. Rhinestone Nail Glue Pen

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With this glue, you'll be able to create beautiful nail art designs that will really stand out with the help of a pen tip.

Whether you're looking to add a little bit of sparkle or you want to go all out for a special occasion, this nail glue will help you achieve the perfect look.

And because it's made specifically for rhinestones and gems, you can be sure that everything will stay in place. So you can go ahead and get creative with this nail glue using gems and rhinestones, the possibilities are endless!

Suitable for a variety of diamonds, alloys, pearls, flat-bottom drills, pointed-bottom drills, shaped drills.

*No cure light required

nail art glue for gems and glitter

7. Tube Rhinestone Glue

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Makartt offers a top selling nail glue that comes in a tube. You can easily squeeze out as much as you need for nail art bling designs that have chunky charms.

The tube design makes it so that there is no spilling at all.

Watch their tutorial on how to use this nail glue using sequins and rhinestones. You can see that you can brush it right on and then cure it for a long lasting hold.

 nail glue for nail gems

8. Brush On Nail Glue

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If you are looking for a quick fix or an easy way to apply some small nail art sequins or glittery effects onto a nail polish base then this glue is great for that.

You will only need a thin layer to use this glue for glitter. So what you do is add a dab, and kind of spread it around with the tip of the glue bottle. Then you can pour glitter on top of the glue and let it set. Go over with a top coat and you are good to go.

*No cure light required

nail glue for glitter

9. Super Sticky Rhinestone Glue

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Looking for a way to add some extra sparkle and pizzazz to your nails that stays put? Look no further than this UV nail glue that is specifically formulated for rhinestones and gems.

Just choose your favorite rhinestones or gems, apply the glue, and let your creativity run wild.

The best way to use this glue is to apply a gel base coat, then your color. Next apply a small amount of the nail glue and then place your rhinestone or gemstone. Cure under the lamp and apply a no wipe top coat.

*Cure light required

rhinestone nail art glue

10. Modelones Rhinestone Nail Glue Set

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This glue is perfect for adding rhinestones and gems to your nails, and will keep them securely in place for up to two to three weeks.

With this nail art glue kit, you can create beautiful and unique designs because it not only comes with the glue, you also get a brush and some rhinestones to play with too.

best glue for rhinestones

11. Beetles Rhinestone Glue

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With this sticky nail glue, you can easily secure nail gems, beads and large jewels. The glue is long lasting and will keep everything in place, making it easy for you to create beautiful nail art designs.

Whether you're looking to add a little glitter here and then or going for a chunky bold nail art design, this nail glue is perfect for achieving the look you desire.

*Cure light required

nail glue for nail jewelry and gems

12. No Wipe Rhinestone Glue Set

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Here's a great set that comes with everything you need to start creating your own DIY manicure with rhinestones, gems and gold nail art elements.

What's nice about this set is that the gel doesn't have to be wiped after curing. With gels, there is sometimes a sticky layer that needs to be removed. So this glue is going to be good for touch ups, and for adding larger rhinestones as the final touches.

*Cure light required

nail art rhinestone glue with gems

13. Rhinestone Adhesive

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Jelly Nails on Etsy has a super strong nail glue that also comes in a fancy bottle that makes a great gift idea for any nail art lover.

Their customers are raving about how strong this glue is and their great customer service. Etsy is one of those places where you can find artisan shops that offer hard to find nail art supplies.

This shop has lots of unique supplies like different kinds of nail art glues, spinning rhinestones and cute kawaii charms.

*Cure light required

nail art glue

14. UV Rhinestone Glue

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Here is a rhinestone gel glue that is absolutely perfect for attaching large crystals and gems onto a nail. This nail glue will last more than 3 weeks if applied correctly.

You can also use this glue for decals, dried flowers and clay embellishments.

*Cure light required

best uv glue for rhinestones

15. Rhinestone Nail Glue Set

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For beginners, this is going to be a set that you will love. It comes with the nail glue and also a good amount of rhinestones and crystal glass gems. Beetles also includes a brush and some rhinestone holders to keep everything organized.

For those looking for a great gift idea for a nail artist or someone who is just starting out, this set is absolutely perfect for that.

*Cure light required

rhinestone nail art glue set 

Nail Glue Tips For Attaching Rhinestone And Gems

1. How long does nail glue last on nails? A gel nail glue will typically last up to 4 weeks. A regular nail glue will last about 1 week depending on the brand.

Investing in a cure lamp and using gels will give you a manicure that can last up to 4 weeks with the proper application.

best nail glue for rhinestones 

2. Using a gem applicator is a helpful tool for picking up small gems and tiny pieces of glitter. The applicators with a sticky end are the most popular. Check Prices On Amazon

3. For nail rhinestones and charms to last as long as possible, apply the glue, then the gemstone and cure. Then go over the sides of the rhinestones with another coat to make sure everything is secure. You can go over the whole nail with a top coat and cure.

This should give you a result that stays put for up to 4 weeks.

best nail glue for rhinestones

4. Regular nail polish should never be an option for gluing on any kind of embellishment. Only use proper nail glue for a proper adhesion. Nail polish will not give a proper adhesion.

5. When using gel nail glue, make sure it is totally cured. Always follow the manufacturer's directions on how long the cure needs to be or you will have a sticky mess.

6. Even though nail glues often say non toxic, there is always a chance for a reaction. Nail glue should never be applied to the skin. If you do get nail glue on your skin, do remove it before curing.

7. Can nail glue damage your nails? Generally if you have a base coat on top of the natural nail, nail glue will not damage the nail. If you are using a gel nail glue then you will need to carefully remove it either professionally or with a nail file.

✅ We hope you found this article helpful and can find the best nail glue for your gemstones and rhinestones.

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best nail glue for rhinestones and gems


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