13 Cutest Kawaii Nail Art Ideas For DIY Manicures [2023]

kawaii nail art ideas

Here are some of the best Kawaii nail art ideas for an adorable manicure. Japan is known for its cute and Kawaii culture, so it's no surprise that some of the best nail art ideas come from there.

If you're looking for inspiration for your nails, take a look at these Kawaii designs. From pandas to strawberries, there's something for everyone here. So whether you're a beginner or an experienced nail artist, you'll find something to love in this collection.

Let's get started!

What Are Kawaii Nails?

"Kawaii" is an adjective meaning "cute". Kawaii nails are inspired by Japanese pop culture. Kawaii nails are a fun way to express your inner cuteness. Kawaii nails come in many different colors and styles, with soft pastels mixed in with cute animals and adorable elements.

Best Kawaii Nail Art Ideas

1. Kawaii Nail Decorations

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For those times when you want to go all out with chunky kawaii nail art designs. These cute decorations are a fun and unique way to decorate your nails.

They come in many shapes like unicorns and food so you can mix and match to create your own custom designs.

kawaii charms for chunky nails

2. Kawaii Gel Manicure Set

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Check out this gel manicure set in a rainbow of pastel colors! It comes complete with extension gel, floral elements, bows and cute blue stars to create adorable nail art designs.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you'll love the easy-to-use features of this set. 

This comes with polygel which will build up your nail. And then a ton of cute kawaii charms and enhancements to play with. The moment it arrives, you are going to start creating your very own salon worthy nails with the colorful elements.

The bright colors and adorable designs make it the perfect way to add some personality to your nails. Sounds good, doesn't it?!

Remember, with all gel nail polish you will need a cure lamp to cure the polygel.

kawaii nail art ideas beetles stickers

3. Kawaii Nails With Charms

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You're going to adore this Kawaii food manicure set! It includes everything you need to create a fun and trendy manicure. 

Included are the 12 different kinds of nail fruit slices that are made with polymer clay and the glitter and sparkle pots, you will have endless manicure possibilities for the most adorable nails.

What's nice about sets like these is that you can mix and match for a different look on each nail.

We have used fruit slices before to create a really cute nail art design with Modelones builder gel. Check out the video below and subscribe to our channel for all things nail art!

kawaii nail art ideas charms

We have used fruit slices before to create a really cute nail art design with Modelones builder gel. Check out the video below and subscribe to our channel for all things nail art!

4. Kawaii Nail Stickers

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Be prepared for Kawaii cuteness with these totally adorable nail art stickers. You get cute faces, characters and friends to dress up your nails. Created with typical Kawaii colors, these nail art stickers are great for classic Kawaii ideas.

You can also combine the stickers with different kinds of nail polish colors like white nail polish and pastel gel polishes for an adorable DIY manicure.

kawaii nail art ideas

5. Press On Kawaii Nails

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Smart Nail Designs really know how to pack their press on nails full of Kawaii cuteness. This shop has many sets to choose from that you can wear anytime you want some extra adorableness.

With names like Gem Fantasy and Jelly Hearts you will fall in love with so many sets that are offered in this shop. For those into press on nails for an easy manicure, head on over to see some more fantastic press on nails that you can order online.

kawaii nail art ideas

6. Gothic Kawaii Nails

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Perhaps you are looking for some Kawaii nail art ideas that have a gothic look. Benise Boutique on Etsy might have exactly what you are looking for.

Their hand painted press on nails are sure to inspire the cuter dark side.

kawaii nail art ideas 

7. Kawaii Anime Nails by JaNails

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You will find a ton of shops that offer Kawaii anime nail decals and stickers but this shop stands out from the rest.

JaNails has lots to choose from with all kinds of different faces and designs. They recommend using a white base for most of their nail decals. And then of course top it off with your favorite top coat so that it will last as long as possible.

kawaii nail art ideas

8. Kawaii Nail Polish Sets

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Now that you have some amazing Kawaii nail art ideas, you might want to pick out some really great gel colors to go with your nail designs. This set by Modelones has 36 different colors to choose from and then you can also mix the white colors with the darker ones to create even more pastel shades. 

Create a fun combination with shorter nails for a cute look. Or go all out with a French manicure in many colors for a base for gummy bears and sailor moon inspired designs.

Modelones gel nail polish kits need to be cured under LED nail lamp. Gel Top coat and base coat is also required.

kawaii nail art ideas

9. Pastel Kawaii Nails

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With 12 sheets of soft muted tones and Kawaii style nail art stickers, you have many cute manicures to get creative with!  

You can build your own Kawaii look by layering different decals. Choose from different styles, color combinations, shapes like fluttering butterflies and sizes.

With nail stickers you can use them on acrylic nails, French tips, longer nails and even have an accent nail like on your ring finger. Create your prefect nail length first and then start out with neutral colors. Add the stickers and even some glitter too.

kawaii nail art ideas

10. Cupcake Kawaii Nail Stickers

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Add a little sweetness to your nails with these adorable cupcake nail stickers! With many different designs to choose from, you can create a variety of Kawaii looks.

Whether you're dressing up for a party or just accenting a simple mani, these stickers are the perfect way to sweeten up your style. Pair them up with some pastel colors and you have a fashion manicure that's cool and on trend.

kawaii nail art ideas

11. Light Pink Kawaii Nail Art Packs

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You know all of those amazing chunky nail art videos full of inspiration that you see on Instagram lately? Well this shop has some amazing Kawaii nail art supplies to check out.

These pink Kawaii mixed charm pack is great for nail technicians and at home nail artists who love the pink color for their nails! We are sure you can come up with a design idea for a cute look.

They have lots of variety packs to choose form like candy pieces to glitter 3D teddy bears that are just so sweet. 

best kawaii nail art supplies

12. Acrylic Bear & Butterfly Nail Charms

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This pack of 10 has some totally charming 3D charms to help you complete a DIY Kawaii manicure right at home.

Included in this set are some bears, butterflies, fruit slices, hearts and more. The fun part is digging around the little packs to find a perfect little piece to add to your nail decoration.

beetles kawaii charms for nails

13. Extra Large Flatback Kawaii Charms

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If you are wondering where everyone is getting those extra large, over the top nail charms look no further.

This set of nail art decorations is so sweet! They are often used for nail art competitions because they are so fun and unique. Sprinkle on some glitter in a different shade and you got a great mani for a special occasion. So chic!

kawaii nail art charms

With charms like these, you will need to have the right glue. We have a helpful article about the best glue for nail art to help you out with that.

Kawaii nails are a great way to show your personality, and there are so many fun ways to do nail art.

They're perfect for any occasion, from everyday wear to special events. So why not add a little bit of cuteness to your nails?

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