Modelones Builder Gel Review TESTED!

modelones builder gel review

Here is a review of the Modelones builder gel in a pot.

If you're like us, then you appreciate a good gel manicure. They last for weeks and never need to be touched up. That's why we were excited to try the Modelones builder gel and get the review and tutorial up on the blog and YouTube channel.

The Modelones gel is a hard gel that is affordable and easy to use. In this post, we will review Modelones builder gel and show you how to use it to make really cool nails at home. This exact builder gel made it into our list of the best at home gel nail kits.

modelones builder gel review

Have you ever wished you could just create your own nails that look like you just came from the salon? With the Modelones builder gel, you totally can with practice. Builder gel is great for those who love to do their own nails.

We've been using it for a while now and enjoy working with it. It's perfect for creating great looking nails and lasts a long time. You might find that it's easier to use than polygels but it's just a matter of preference. It's nice to try new nail art supplies and ideas that's for sure.

When using this builder gel, make sure to prep your nail properly. Follow all of the instructions from Modelones for a long lasting manicure.

Modelones Builder Gel Review & Instructions

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The Modelones builder gel kit came inside a box and the kit was packaged up in a shiny bubble pack. What you can do to prevent package waste is to keep it on hand for when you need to package up something in the future.

Or another way you can reuse bubble envelopes is to use them for mixing nail polish on. Just cut it up into small pieces to have them on hand for when you are swatching or playing with color combinations.

Here's What's Included In The Modelones Builder Gel Set

1. 2oz builder gel in a pot

2. 100 nail forms

3. Brush that has a dotting tool on the other side

This builder gel set comes with a brush, 100 nail forms and the builder gel. The gel comes with 2 fluid oz which is a good amount. If you have not tried builder gel yet, you will find that this gel is pretty easy to work with for a gel that comes in a pot.

There was no odor when we opened it up and it was super shiny and clear. 

The brush is soft and it has a dotting tool on the other end for when you need to make dots on your manicure. You can also use the dotted side to gently push down nail art stickers and dried flowers for nail art embeds.

Use the included nail extensions for when you want to build up your natural nail. One of the most important things when using nail extensions like these is to make sure it's fitting snugly underneath your natural nail.

This gel is self leveling so do make sure the extension is snug to prevent the gel from going into places where you don't want it.

modelones builder gel

Modelones states in their listing that this is a super clear, hard gel. It has 11 toxin-free ingredients and botanical extracts in their formula. 

This builder gel will give nails a high endurance & long-lasting strength. You can use this on natural nails and also on tips or forms.

It is very popular because it will provide you with a long lasting manicure that won't damage the nail beds. The nice thing about builder gels is that they are not runny and won't set until you cure them under a light.

So you have plenty of time to work with it to make sure it's in the right places on the nail.

modelones builder gel

This is going to give you a hard cured manicure that will last for about 3 weeks. You can extend this time if your nails don't grow very quickly. If you are hard on your nails, it's easy to fix any broken nails with this builder gel.

Also, you can go back with this gel to extend the life of your nails by adding a little bit more to the cuticle area when your nail is growing out. Do be careful not to put too much on or to get it on the skin around the cuticle area.

modelones builder gel

If you are finding that the gel is pooling around the sides of the nail, just tip it over for 10 seconds. The gel will start to move to the center of the nail. There's a helpful builder gel tips article that you might want to check out for some helpful advice when using builder gels.

The gel will completely harden after about 60 seconds under a lamp. Then you can wipe the sticky layer off and start to file the nail. The gel files really easily so do be aware of that so you do not start filing into your elements by accident.

This builder gel can be filed with a regular 180g nail file or your efile.

Once the top coat was brushed on and cured, the gel coating really came to life. It is super clear, shiny and has a hard surface. The glitter inside was sparkling like crazy. We were really happy with these results.

Purchase Modelones Builder Gel Kit On Amazon

About Modelones Builder Gel

  • Can be used on the natural nail, tips and on forms
  • You can use this builder gel to embed flowers and nail art elements
  • Build up your natural nail with the nail forms
  • Add the builder gel on top of a nail tip for extra strength
  • Builder gel can be used for nail carving designs
  • You will need a lamp to cure the builder gel
  • With proper prepping, the manicure should last for at least three weeks
  • This builder gel is formulated not to crack
  • There is little to no aroma with this gel

How to prep your nail when using Modelones builder gel

Step 1: Buff up the nails surface (or nail tip) and remove any shiny spots

Step 2: Apply a gel base coat and cure

Step 3: Add on any nail art elements to the nail with uv nail glue and cure to keep them in place

Step 4: Next apply the builder gel and cure for 60-120 seconds

Step 5: Wipe off the sticky surface with 70% alcohol or slip

Step 6: Shape the nail

Step 7: Apply a top coat and cure for 60 seconds

Purchase Modelones Builder Gel Kit On Amazon

This builder gel can definitely build some gorgeous nail extensions. Even for a beginner, it's pretty easy to use!. It does take some practice, once you get the hang of it, they come out looking like they were professionally done!

Do you have more questions when using builder gels? Here's an article about the most asked builder gel questions to help you out with that.

We hope you found this article helpful as you make your decision about purchasing the Modelones builder gel. It is an easy to use product that can give you the nails you’ve always wanted, and we are sure you will love it.

modelones builder gel review

Modelones Builder Gel Ingredients:

Acrylates Copolymer, Pentaerythritol Tetra (3-mercaptopropionate), Trimethylbenzoyl Diphenylphosphine oxide, Dimethicone

modelones builder gel ingredients

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