13 Easy Nail Art Tutorials Beginners [2023]

easy nail art tutorials for beginners

Here are some easy nail art tutorials for beginners using gel polish. DIY nail art is so much fun and there are endless designs to try.

With a little patience and creativity, you can create beautiful nails at home. Our blog has a variety of nail art tutorials that will inspire you to create your own unique nails.

From gel nails to ombre nails, we have something for everyone. Here are some of our most popular nail art tutorials and ideas to try.

The nail art tutorials below will walk you through the process step-by-step. 

And once you get the hang of making your own nails, you can start experimenting with different designs and techniques from your own ideas.

Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners

1. Cat Eye Nails

Go To Cat Eye Nails Tutorial

This cat eye nail art tutorial uses a few techniques with a cat eye magnet and magnetic gel polish. The results are fantastic.

Use this tutorial as a guide and then experiment with different ideas like making a galaxy nail or a reverse ombre nail as you get better with the magnet.

We also have a list of more cat eye nail art ideas if you love to use this type of gel polish.

nail art tutorials for beginners cat eye nails

2. Cottage Chic Flower Nails

Go To Cottage Chic Flower Nails Tutorial

This is a step by step DIY nail art tutorial on how to do a cottage chic flower nail art design. This nail art tutorial uses a few techniques that will take time to do.

Set aside enough time especially if you are new to using gel polish.

nail art tutorials for beginners

3. Unicorn Nails

Go To Unicorn Nail Art Tutorial

Here is the best and easy to follow DIY unicorn nails tutorial with step by step instructions. In this nail art tutorial you will learn how to do unicorn nails.

For this easy nail idea for beginners, we used some cute nail art stickers and gel polish to create this fantasy inspired look.

The supplies used for this DIY are from a really great Etsy shop that we found called Makay Nail. Visit Etsy Shop

unicorn nail art tutorial

4. Zebra Nail

Go To Zebra Nail Art Tutorial

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to do zebra nails at home. This easy DIY nail art tutorial is really good for beginners. All you need is some nail tips, nail art decorations and gel polish.

nail art tutorials for beginners zebra nail

5. Ice Cream Nails

Go To Ice Cream Nail Art Tutorial

Here is a colorful & fun ice cream nail art tutorial. This easy ice cream nail art tutorial uses gel polish in three pastel nail colors to create a delicious looking design that's fantastic for a summery look.

ice cream nails

6. Simple Pink Rose Nails

Go To Pink Rose Nail Art Tutorial

If you're looking for a new nail art idea, this cute rose design is a great option for beginners. Using just a few basic nail tools and supplies, you can create this look in no time. 

rose nail art tutorial

7. Glitter Ombre Nail

Go To Glitter Ombre Nail Art Tutorial

Glitter nails are a way to show off your personality and style. There's no limit to what you can do with your nails with glitter gel polish.

This design uses a gradient effect, with the nail gradually transitioning from the glitter to the color coat. You can achieve this look with any colors you like, but these two colors from Melody Susie on Amazon worked perfectly together. 

nail art tutorials for beginners

8. Ocean Nails

Go To Ocean Nail Art Tutorial

Creating these blue gradient ocean inspired nails is so easy! With this step by step tutorial, you'll be able to create your own ocean nails that are absolutely stunning.

ocean nail art for beginners

9. Colorful 70's Nail

Go To 70's Nail Art Tutorial

This 70's inspired nail tutorial shows you exactly how to get the look with gel nail polish colors. The key is to start with a prepped nail tip. Then add your 70's nail colors in layers. Don't worry, we will show you exactly how to do this 70's nail art with video.

70's nail art tutorial

10. Yellow & Blue Flower Nail

Go To Yellow & Blue Flower Nail Art Tutorial

Here is an easy flower nail art design for beginners using yellow gel polish and blue gel polish. From delicate daisies to colorful roses, flower nails are a popular choice for gel polish enthusiasts.

While flower nails can seem tricky to achieve, with a little practice, anyone can create beautiful designs.

blue and yellow flower nail

11. Hand Painted Fall Nail

Go To Hand Painted Fall Nail Art Tutorial

Here is an easy fall nail art idea using gel polish on a nail tip using the new Modelones Vinyl Record palette.

This DIY fall leaves nail art idea is using gel polish that needs to be cured under a UV lamp for gel.

If you are following along with regular nail polish, just skip the cure instructions and wait until each layer is dried before going on to the next step.

hand painted fall nail art

12. Dried Flower Nail

Go To Dried Flower Nail Art Tutorial

In this dried flower nail idea, we are using regular nail polish to create a fall nail art idea. The brown colored nail polish is cozy and warm and the gold leaf and flower brings the design all together perfectly.

dried flower nail art tutorial

13. Reverse Double Ombre French Nail

This nail art idea is the popular and trendy Vertical Ombre Reverse Gradient French Nails. We are using the Beetles Gel summer paradise collection to get the French nail looking fantastic.


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