best nail dipping powder sets

Here are the best nail dip powder kits for beginners to try.

Are you searching where to buy a nail dip powder kit with everything included?

You have come to the right place, we will go through this list together to help you decide what one is best for you.

A nail dip kit will give you a manicure that will last a lot longer than regular nail polish. Up to 5 weeks or more if applied correctly.

Thankfully, there are many brands that offer dip powder kits that come in many gorgeous colors and shades.

Dip powder kits are easy to use so if you are a beginner it's super easy to follow the step by step instructions.

best nail dipping kits for beginners

And if you are an expert at using dip powders already, you will already know at a glance what kit you would like to try in this list.

Do nail dip powder kits cost a lot of money?

Dip powder kits are very reasonably priced. A little goes a very long way. So you can play with different manicures and nail designs over and over with just one kit.


Nail dip powder is a powder pigment that you dip your nail into for a long lasting manicure.

When the activator is applied, the powder will dry hard on your nails for a manicure that will last between 3-5 weeks (sometimes longer) without chipping.

Dip powders are popular because they provide a lasting manicure like acrylic nails, but removes easily like a gel polish.

With the proper application and removal, nail dip powders won't damage your natural nail.


1. SNS Dip Powder Kit

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A great starter nail dip powder set in three shades to practice with.

Their powders are extra fine so they'll absorb into the base coat evenly and will leave a smooth finish with no bubbles.

If you like nail dip powder that dries incredibly fast then you will enjoy the quick dry formula.

best nail dip powder kits sns

2. Makartt Dip Powder Starter Kit

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Step up your nail game with this amazing dip powder set! With 6 colors to choose from, you can create any look you desire.

Whether you're going for a natural look or something more daring, these powders will help you achieve it.

Not only are these dip powders fun to use, but they're also long lasting and chip resistant.

dip powder kits with 6 colors 

3. Makartt Sparkle Dark Nude Powder Kit

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Let's head on over to Makartt and browse this fabulous shop that offers nail dip powders.

You can purchase several different dip powder sets for your very own custom DIY nails.

They offer extremely intense colors. The mesmerizing shimmer that this shop is known for is sure to add a little fun color to your nails.

dip powder kits

4. Candy Colors Dip Powder Kit

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Candy-colored nail dip powder has surged in popularity due to its vibrant and playful hues, offering a wide spectrum of eye-catching options that cater to diverse personal styles.

The convenience of nail dip powder application, which eliminates the need for UV lamps and prolonged drying times, has contributed to its widespread appeal, making it an accessible choice for at-home manicures.

best nail dip powder kits

5. DipWell Kits With Everything

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USA made. If you are looking for a professional set that has a formula that will last up to three weeks and possibly longer then this is the powder dip kit for you. Their nail dip powders are formulated without harsh chemicals.

Their formula creates a super strong adhesion to prevent nail lifting, chipping, & discoloring. Fortified with calcium, your nails will last and last against daily wear and tear compared to other brands.

So the cost does reflect the quality of this nail dipping set.

best nail dipping powder kits

6. Dipwell Neon Color Dip Set

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Dipwell has gained great reviews for its user-friendly nail dip powder kits. They simplify the manicure process with a straightforward application method that doesn't require intricate skills.

With step-by-step instructions and high-quality formulations, Dipwell makes it easy for both beginners and experienced users to achieve salon-quality results at home.

dip powders in neon colors

7. Saviland Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit

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You get gorgeous colors in this deluxe set. Everything you need is included in this kit to get started on your manicure immediately. This nail dip powder kit includes several powders that range from light pinks to darker shades.

You should get a long lasting manicure that will last at least 21 days with the proper nail preparation.

The quick dry dip powder system is made of high quality material and is resistant to chipping and cracking making your hands beautiful and stylish.

best nail dip powder kits for beginners 

8. Youth Romance Dip Powder Kit

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Saviland stands out for its user-friendly nail dip powder system, providing an uncomplicated and efficient application process suitable for both novices and nail enthusiasts.

With a versatile range of colors and a formula designed for easy use, Saviland makes it easy to create professional-looking manicures effortlessly in the comfort of their homes.

dip powder kits

9. Kiara Sky Beginner Kit

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Here is one of the top selling full nail dip powder kits. This nail dip powder kit has several colors to choose from as well as the activator, bond, base and top coat.

This makes a great gift idea for a nail art lover in your life.

kiara sky nail dip powder 

10. Dipnotic Nails Full Kits

Visit Etsy Shop

Another fabulous Etsy shop that has all of the nail dip powders and kits you will ever need for amazing looking nails.

This shop makes sure that they fill their jars right to the top for their customers. They recommend placing jars in a cupcake liner or on a clean sheet of paper before dip so that any overflow can be poured back into the jar.

This shop also made our list of the best blue nail dip powders too, they have such great selection of shades.

best nail dip powder kits

11. AzureBeauty Nude Dip Powder Kit

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This nail dip powder set comes in several beautiful shades of nudes.

This nails powder kit also has a glitter accent color. AzureBeauty does not test their products on animals and is vegan-friendly so you can feel good about wearing it.

The formula allows the nail powder to be lightweight and have a great shine. As long as you follow their easy step by step instructions you should have a perfect manicure in no time. This brand also made our list of the best clear nail dip powders.

dip powder starter kits 

12. AzureBeauty Dip Starter Kit

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Another great nail starter set from AzureBeauty. This nail dip set comes with everything the same as the kit above but in different shades of pink and mauve.

You get 8 nail dip powders with this set including a white and pink glitter shade. This kit makes really lovely ombre nails pretty easily even for beginners.

best nail dipping powder kits

13. Modelones Beginner Nail Dip Powder Kit

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Non toxic and low odor, this starter kit is super easy to use and contains Vitamin E and Calcium to help nails grow stronger and healthier, without harsh chemicals.

This system is resistant to chipping and cracking and if you prepare the nail bed and remove any shine, it won't lift.

Modelones nude pink glitter dip powder nail kit made of 11 Toxin-free ingredients and has low odor. We have worked with this brand before and have a review of their gel polish kits that you might want to check out too.

best nail dipping powder kits 

14. Modelones Large Nail Dip Set

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A nail dip kit that is high quality and will give you a lasting manicure that should stay chip resistant for at least two weeks or more. If you are looking for a set that has a ton of colors to choose from, then you might want to grab this one.

Modelones dip powder nail kit made of 11 Toxin Free Ingredients, meets U.S. safety requirements and features the FDA Certification, low odor, paraben & cruelty Free, no harsh ingredients or adhesives.

best nail dip powder kits

15. Beetles Combo Set

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Beetles offers dip powder starter kits in several different shade combinations. You can choose a kit that has a color range from red shades, to white and silver.

And most of their kits come with glitter and sparkle powder. If you like this brand, check out some of their other Beetles products that we have reviewed.

Customers are talking about their super fast delivery and the quality of their powders.

best nail dipping powder kits

16. Rednee Nail Dip Powder Kits

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This is a really good dip powder starter kit because you get 12 different colors to play with. The containers are on the small side but a little does go a long way.

There are many gorgeous shades to choose from in this dip powder set.

It has everything you need to create a beautiful dip manicure with colors like Dream Wedding, Boundless Land and Glazed Golden.

best nail dipping powder kits

17. Jimi Lace Nail Dip Powder Set

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If you have nails that need a little extra then this shop has a fully stocked selection of nail dip powders. If holographic is your style, then check out their neon phosphor dip powder and base gel set.

best nail dipping powder kits

18. CN Designer Dips Full Nail Dip Sets

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Many color collections that will make your nails fabulous are in this shop. They have over 19,000 sales and have excellent customer service.

You are going to find full sets of nail dip powder that are great for beginners.

best nail dip full kits


Since companies have their own formulas, make sure to follow the instructions that are inside the kit that you choose.

Nail dip powders usually follow a pattern to get perfectly manicured nails at home. The instructions usually go like this below but again, make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions.

We also have a helpful article about how to apply nail dip powders with video tutorials that shows you each step.

best nail dip powder kits

Step 1: Prepare your nail. Push back the cuticles, clean the sides of your nail bed really well and trim any hangnails.

Step 2: File your natural nail into your desired shape and using the nail file that comes in your kit, gently remove the shine from your nails. This will help the base and powder to last longer.

Step 3: Use a cleanser to remove any oils from your nail bed.

Step 4: Apply the base coat to the nails evenly. Be sure not to apply a thick layer, a thin even layer is all you need. The most important thing here is to make sure that the base coat covers the whole nail. If you get some on your skin, remove it before dip into the powder.

Step 5: Dip your nail into the dip powder and using a very soft makeup brush, remove the excess.

best nail dip powder kits

Step 6: Repeat. Apply another thin coat of the base and dip into the powder again. Dipping twice will ensure a full coverage that will be chip resistant.

Step 7: Apply a generous amount of activator over the whole nail. Be sure to get onto the whole surface to cover the powder evenly and cap the tips. Let this dry for about 2 minutes. The activator will bond the powder into a super strong finish. Some companies suggest to do this step twice.

Step 8: Buff the nails to a smooth finish with a buffer.

Step 9: Apply one or two coats of top coat.

Step 10: Apply a really good cuticle oil. If you don't have any cuticle oil we have found some really great brands here on Amazon.

Nail Dip Powder FAQ

How long does a nail dip powder manicure typically last?

Nail dip powder manicures are known for their durability, often lasting two to three weeks without chipping or peeling, making them a longer-lasting alternative to traditional nail polish.

dip powder kits

Can you use nail dip powder on natural nails, or is it better suited for artificial extensions?

Nail dip powder is versatile and can be used on both natural nails and artificial extensions. Its adhesive properties make it suitable for enhancing the strength and appearance of natural nails, as well as providing a durable overlay for extensions.

nail dip powder kits for beginners

Is a UV lamp required for curing when using nail dip powder?

Unlike some gel manicure systems, nail dip powder does not require a UV lamp for curing.

The powder is applied in a series of base coats, activator, and topcoat layers, and it air-dries to achieve a glossy and hardened finish, offering a convenient and lamp-free application process.



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