25 GIFTABLE Nail Polish Gift Sets For This Year [2023]

best nail polish gift sets

Here are the absolute best nail polish gift sets for this year from your #1 nail art blog. If there is one thing we know, that is nail polish. After all, we have a whole blog dedicated to nail art and over the years have used many nail polishes for DIY nail art ideas and tutorials.

We have put together some fabulous nail polish gift collection ideas for when you are looking for that extra special gift for a nail art lover, nail tech or someone who loves to DIY their own nails.

This is seriously the very best nail polish gift guide out there and has been carefully curated just for you.

nail polish gift sets

Whether you're looking for a budget friendly gift for someone or just want to go all out, we have some unique choices for this year. We've rounded up the best nail polish gifts for any time of year, so you can find the most unique present for your loved ones (or yourself).

From classic shades to on-trend hues, there's something for everyone. And if you're not sure where to start, just browse through the photos and see what catches your eye. 

Get ready to be wowed and dazzled because this is nail polish gift set list like you have never seen! We have found some amazing brands for you to take a look at. This includes well known brands and artisan brands that you might not have heard of yet.

Best Nail Polish Gift Sets

1. Polish Me Silly Glow Pop Collection

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Starting this gift guide off strong, here is a set of 10 stunning artisan colors from Polish Me Silly. You will be happy to know that all of their polishes are vegan and cruelty free so this is a store you can feel good about supporting.

You get all of the amazing colors from their glow pop collection which is some of their best sellers. To make these colors last as long as possible, apply a glossy top coat for protection.

This is truly an ultimate gift idea for someone who loves nail polish. They will have so much fun going through each color.

nail polish gift sets

2. ILNP Courtyard Gift Set

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The Courtyard gift collection is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for trying several colors that go amazing together.

These colors sparkle like crazy in the light or sun and you won't be able to look away. Anyone who loves to do their own DIY nails will appreciate the high quality formula from ILNP.

We have featured this brand in many of our nail polish lists so if there is a specific color you are looking for check out the nail polish color lists.

ilnp nail polish gift set

3. ILNP Pastel Shimmer Gift Set

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Here's a great gift idea for the nail artist in your life who loves subtle shimmer. Give them the gift of a beautiful manicure with one of these gift sets.

These polishes come with carefully formulated artisan nail polish that comes in a beautiful array of colors from light pinks to soft lavender.

The best gifts for nail artists are the ones that help them create beautiful works of art, and this fab collection does just that.

With high quality, trendy colors, your gift will be the talk of their next manicure session.

Best of all, these gift sets can be given for any occasion - Birthdays, Christmas, or just because!

ilnp pastel shimmer gift set

ILNP always has the best swatching videos in their listings so you can see exactly what some of their polishes look like in person.

ilnp swatching video

4. Nicole Miller Mini Gift Set

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Nicole Miller is a brand that makes high quality polishes. This gorgeous gift set includes 15 mini bottles in lots of different complementary shades. Customers are especially loving the shade that looks like Tiffany Blue.

Made with carefully formulated ingredients you will get good coverage on most of the colors with two light coats. 

These high end polishes make an excellent gift for someone who loves to do their own nails because of the many shades it comes with. You can do so many different designs like ombre or a different color on each nail. It can be a gift for any time of the year too.

This company has excellent feedback and customers love their high quality nail polish and budget friendly prices. So if you're looking for the best gift for the nail artist in your life, look no further than this gift set from Nicole Miller.

nicole miller nail polish set

5. Eternal Girls Just Want To Have Neons

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Neon nail polish gift collections are a great gift idea for any nail lover in your life who loves bold and playful color combinations. They'll appreciate the high-end quality and beautiful colors.

Whether you're looking for bright and fun colors on each nail or a full mani several colors the manicure is going to be vibrant with neon nail polish.

And with full coverage in just two coats, it's easy do a quick manicure. Also, the Eternal nail polishes do not take long at all to dry. There's a helpful article on this blog about how to dry regular nail polish faster if you are looking for some tips.

eternal neon nail polish

6. Eternal Candy Pastels

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Eternal offers some really great budget friendly nail polish gift sets in many color combinations like this pastel combo. If you are looking for some amazing pastel nail polishes you get five colors in this collection.

Pastel nail polish is so amazing because of it's creamy coverage. It is a thoughtful gift for any nail lover, especially during the spring and summer seasons.

You can also change things up a bit by adding dried flowers for nails, waterslide nail decals and pretty glitter for nails too.

pastel nail polish gift sets

7. Dr's Remedy Gentle Gel Gift Set

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The right nail polish is a way to show your nail polish lover how much you care. They'll be able to create beautiful DIY nails at home, and they'll love the high-end quality of the nail polish from Dr's Remedy.

The luxury collection includes nail polish plus some natural TLC extras so keep their nails healthy. It includes a hydration formula, cuticle oil, a finisher, nail polish remover and a beautiful polish that is vegan and 10-free.

It's a splurge for sure, and makes an amazing surprise gift for Christmas, Mother's Day or a way to show your appreciation to that special someone in your life on their birthday.

vegan nail polish gift set

8. Dr's Remedy Sets

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Looking for a gift for the nail lover in your life who loves high end beauty products? This nail polish has a carefully put together formula with ingredients that promote healthy nail beds. Enriched with Garlic Bulb Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Wheat Protein and Vitamins C and E, this nail polish is sure to be a hit.

Plus, it comes in a variety of deep colors that go really well together. If they're into DIY nails, they'll appreciate being able to do their nails at home with this high-quality nail polish.

And the best part? This polish is vegan and cruelty free so they can feel absolutely wonderful about using this polish on their nails

remedy nails roses are red nail polish collection

9. Kleancolor Metallic Polish Set

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Here's a budget friendly nail polish gift set that has a beautiful collection of colors. It makes a thoughtful present for any nail polish lover in your life because they can play with so many manicures and ideas.

This metallic collection of colors includes both bright and classic shades, ensuring that there's something for everyone.

The high-end quality nail polish provides full coverage in just two coats, and the highly pigmented formula ensures that the color will last. Just make sure you apply a base coat and top coat.

kleancolor nail polish collection

10. Cirque Colors Thermal Mood Gift Set

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If you're looking for a vegan and cruelty free gift for the nail lover in your life, look no further than this giftable set from Cirque Colors.

Made with carefully formulated artisan nail polish, these stunning colors are sure to impress anyone who loves to discover different brands.

The vegan and cruelty free formula is a bonus for those who are conscientious about their beauty products. And with excellent feedback from customers, you can be confident that you're giving a high quality gift. 

cirque colors thermal nail polish

11. PolishPak Frosted Twilight

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For those looking for a unique type of nail polish, this handmade nail polish collection changes color on your nails! Included are super cool shades that gives a color changing variety of colors that shift.

Color changing nail polish is so fun to try and anyone would love these as a special gift.

polishpak nail polish gift collection

12. PolishPak Teal Gift Set

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What could be more delightful for a nail lover than a teal nail polish gift set? This artisan and handmade formula from a shop on Etsy is so pretty, it's hard to resist.

You receive 4 shifting nail varnishes in complementary shades. It's a very unique gift for someone who loves DIY nails or who likes to have their nails done at home.

The high polish is everything and more. It will create beautiful, long-lasting nails and teal nail polish looks great on any skin color.

teal nail polish gift set 

13. Muse Polish Toponymic Gift Set

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Gift sets like this make an excellent present for any occasion because the colors can be used for anytime of the year. - birthdays, holidays, or just because.

So if you're stuck on what to get the nail artist in your life, add this to your cart and know that you've found the perfect idea.

Your nail polish lover will appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift, and you'll be able to enjoy their beautiful nails.

muse nail polish collection

14. Deborah Lippman Beautiful Dirty Rich

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The Deborah Lippmann nail polishes are a good choice for a gift because you can mix and match the different color shades to create many looks.

Their formulas are created to give you a high gloss gel like manicure without the cure lamp. And of course to change things up even more, you can apply a matte coat or a full glossy top coat which will give you even more variety.

beautiful dirty rich deborah lippmann

15. Deborah Lippman Dance Party

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As the temperatures start to cool down and the days grow shorter, it's time to switch up your nail polish colors for the season. Gone are the bright pinks and corals of summer, and in their place are deep, rich hues to bring in fall and winter.

Consider a set that includes both glitters and dark colors. Glitters add a touch of sparkle and work well for holiday parties, while dark colors are for more casual occasions.

Plus, these makes a great gift idea for any nail lover in your life who keeps up with those kinds of trends. dance party nail polish collection deborah lippmann

16. Atomic Nail Polish Neon

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We have featured this shop in many of our articles because of their high end formulas and excellent customer service.

This artisan brand really takes care with their ingredients and offers nail polish collections that are vegan and cruelty free which we absolutely love.

The polish that's included are 7 bold and bright shades that's going to be so fun to play with to make different designs.

Here are the colors that come in this collection:

  • Pastel Neon Blue
  • Pastel Neon Green
  • Pastel Neon Hot Pink
  • Pastel Neon Melon
  • Pastel Neon Orange
  • Pastel Neon Purple
  • Pastel Neon Yellow

atomic nails gift set

17. Atomic Nail Matte Collection

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And then for a more budget friendly option, here is a set of three that makes a cute gift for someone when you just want to give a smaller gift.

What you might like about this polish is that it comes in a matte finish. Their high end formulas will give you a full coverage in two coats. Finish off with a top coat and you will have beautiful artisan nails.

atomic nail matte collection

18. Pop And Polished Fall Topper Collection

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This is one of our favorite brands! A nail polish gift set full of glittery toppers is a great idea for any nail polish lover in your life. The listing includes a beautiful collection of colors in golds and purples.

The nail polish from Pop And Polished is high end quality and provides a gorgeous glitter accent on any type of nail so you can use it on natural nails or a tip.

It is also highly pigmented, so you can be sure that the colors will pop in the sun or light. Definitely put this shop on your must try list.

fall theme nail polish gift set

19. Pop And Polished Treasure Chest Collection

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Pop And Polished is well known for their unique and eye-catching collections. And if you really want to wow your recipient, go for a set of high glitter nail polishes.

These artisan-made polishes are packed full of glittery sparkle. They shine in the light or sun, so you can't help but be mesmerized by them.

pop and polished fall topper nail polish set

20. Zoya Under The Mistletoe

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Here is a classic nail polish pack for the winter months. Under The Mistletoe is going to give you a smooth velvety finish with only one or two coats. They are known for their really good formulas that go on evenly.

The winter months can be a great time to experiment with nail polish colors and styles.

This collection has several colors, allowing the recipients to mix and match to create their own unique looks.

zoya nail polish set

21. Honey Gift Set

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This fast-drying nail polish comes in a variety of colors so anyone can have fun experimenting with their nail color.

The set includes six bottles of nail polish, so it's also a great way to build up a collection. Whether you're looking for a gift for a birthday, holiday, or just because, these colors are sure to be a hit. Especially with their eco-friendly formula.

honey nail polish set

22. OPI Power of Hue

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No gift guide would be complete without an OPI gift collection. Just look at these bright and fun colors!

When it comes to nail polish gifts, there are endless possibilities. You can go with a full set of the same color, or you can experiment with different colors on each nail.

It's easy to create different designs, like a reverse French manicure or nail art with dots and flowers.

opi nail polish gift collection

23. Cote Laguna Travelers Gift Set

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If you know someone who loves to travel, then a travel pack is the perfect present! This collection of mini nail polishes is handy for taking on the go, and it features a variety of colors that will suit any destination.

For an extra special touch, add a personalized note letting them know that you're thinking of them while they're away. Whether they're hitting the beach or exploring new cities, this nail polish gift pack will help them look and feel their best.

cote nail polish travel pack gift

24. Maxus Nail Empower Gift Set

Visit Maxus Nails

If being Peta certified cruelty free is important to your loved one or nail art lover, then they will adore this lux gift idea.

Their 10-free formulas go on super rich and creamy and will give a full coverage manicure in two coats. Don't forget to apply a base coat and top coat for extra longevity of this polish.

This collection of classic colors can be worn for any occasion and looks fabulous on any skin tone.

maxus nail luxury nail polish gift collection

25. Leesha's Lacquer Mystery Gift Set

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Here's something fun, it's a surprise grab bag of polishes. You get 15ml full sized nail polishes chosen at random by the shop owner. How delightful!

The best part is that this is totally handmade in small batches to ensure the very best quality. And it's vegan and cruelty free so you can feel great about it.

The high end formula of their polishes is what you need for creating gorgeous nails, and the colors are simply stunning.

For those of you looking for a new nail polish brand to add to your collection, Leesha's Lacquer is a super choice. It's sure to become one of your favorites.

artisan nail polish collection

As any avid lover of all things nails knows, there is nothing quite like a perfectly applied coat of polish. Whether you prefer a classic nude or a bright and bold color, a beautiful mani can make you feel put-together and confident.

So whether you're looking for the most thoughtful gift for a nail artist friend or simply want to treat yourself to a little pampering, we hope you found a unique gift idea that you can be proud to give.

Ways To Make The Nail Gift Sets More Special

Now that you have picked out a perfect gift, here are two ways you can make the experience even more special.

Giftwrap the nail polish set: A gift is always more special when it's given with thought and intention. So wrap the polishes beautifully with some wrapping paper and a bow.

For a budget friendly option, a presentation with craft paper & twine always makes a gift feel more special.

Put some effort into the presentation: First impressions count, so take some time to make your gifts look great. Whether it's wrapping them beautifully or choosing a special card or box to put them in, a little extra effort will go a long way.

Write a heartfelt message: A handwritten note is always a nice touch, and it will make your gift feel even more personal and special. Take the time to say why you are giving this gift and what it means to you.

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