DIY Vertical Ombre Gel Nail With Silver Glitter [2023]

gel polish tutorial verticle ombre

Here is a vertical ombre gel polish DIY nail art idea using three colors plus silver glitter accents.

If you're looking for a way to instantly spruce up your nails, gel polish is an option. This gel polish tutorial will show you how to use three gel polishes and silver glitter accents to create an easy nail for beginners.

Not only does gel polish last longer than traditional lacquer, but it also enables you to express your creativity with its vast selection of colors and effects.

vertical ombre gel nail tutorial

Once you master this gel polish tutorial, feel free to experiment with different combinations of gel polishes and glitter accents until you find a look that suits you.

For this DIY nail art idea we are using the Love Letters Collection from our latest collaboration and review with MEFA.

Ombre Gel Nail With Silver Glitter DIY

Supplies For These Gel Nails

Gel polish: We used the MEFA Love Letters Pack but you can use any gel polish that is white and pink.

Base & matte top coat

Cure lamp

Full coverage nail tips

Fine liner brushes

Protective gloves

Step 1

Choose the right sizes of full coverage nail tips for your fingers and have them ready to use. Have them laid out so that you don't have to look for them while making your set.

Step 2

With a 180 grit nail file, buff off the shine from the nail tip. Make sure that all of the shine is completely removed, especially around the sides. If there are shiny parts left on the nail tip it can cause lifting of the gel polish.

vertical ombre nail diy

Take your time to make sure the nail shine is completely removed without damaging the nail tip. If you know how to use an efile for nails, you can also remove the shine with that too.

Step 3

With a lint free wipe for nails, remove all of the dust from the nail. You can use isopropyl alcohol to wipe off the nail. Even a little bit of nail dust can ruin your manicure because the gel polish will catch the little specs and magnify them. So this is a must for a finish that looks smooth.

Step 4

Apply one thin coat of the base coat making sure the whole nail is covered in an even and thin layer. Do not make this layer thick, a thin coat is all that is needed. Cure for 30 seconds.

base coat for nail art

Step 5

Get the nail polish ready on a mixing palette. You will need three colors. A dark blue, lighter blue and soft pink. For this nail, the colors used were 8, 11 & 19. These three colors were perfect for an ombre nail with a vertical gradient.

nail art tutorial with gel polish

For a list of must have nail art supplies, check out our helpful article of nail art tools for beginners.

When doing a gel manicure use a mixing palette whenever possible so that the gel polish in the bottle stays clean and away from light.

gel polish tutorial

Step 6

With a fineliner brush, take the darkest blue gel polish and paint a thin line on one of the sides. Do not make this line too thick or have too much gel polish as this is the first coat.

vertical ombre nail art diy

Step 7

Apply the lighter blue gel polish and paint a thin line next to the dark blue color.

vertical ombre diy

Step 8

Finally, apply the pink gel polish and paint a line next to the light blue color.

vertical ombre diy

Step 9

With a larger brush or ombre nail art brush, start to mix the colors together by going down the nail with the brush. Using a lint free wipe, remove any excess darker color so that the lighter colors will blend properly. Cure under a lamp for 30 seconds.

making a vertical ombre gel nail

Step 10

Repeat for a second layer and cure for 30 seconds.

gel nail art tutorial

Step 11

Add three lines of silver gel polish for accents. Cure for 30 seconds.

nail art tutorial with gel polish

Step 12

Apply a glossy no wipe gel top coat and do a final cure for 60 seconds. You can also change this look up by applying a matte top coat to the gradient part and glossy to the silvery parts.

nail art tutorial with gel polish

We hope you found this gradient nail art DIY easy to do and try it out on nail tips for a super nature inspired look.

vertical ombre gel nail tutorial

VIDEO: Ombre Glitter Gel Nail With Silver Accents

Here is the video tutorial showing how to make this nail art design idea. Subscribe


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