19 Nourishing Sugar Scrubs For Hands & Nails [2022]

best sugar scrubs for hands and cuticles

We are discussing the best sugar scrubs for your hands and nails. There are lots of different skincare items available on the market, and it can be difficult to find ones that are right for your own skin type.

However, sugar scrubs are one of those classics that are great for exfoliating the skin on your hands, especially around the cuticle area. With regular use you will reveal a smoother, brighter complexion, and reduce many different dry hand concerns.

Sugar scrubs for the hands and nails are basically a one-stop product that suits almost every skin type. Sugar scrubs have been around for years as a go-to for many people to help keep their hands looking vibrant and youthful.

Not to mention, sugar scrubs are commonly handmade, and this gives them an extra boost of natural ingredients.

Handmade sugar scrubs that are specifically formulated for the hands and nail plates will give your skin a luxurious feel compared to other products full of various mysterious chemicals.

So, for some of the best sugar scrubs that you can use on your hands and nails, take a look below! 


Yes, but if you are using a sugar scrub on your hands, it's important that the scrub is made with fine sugar granules. Gently massage the sugar scrub onto your hands in circular motions being careful not to push it into the skin or cuticles.

The goal is to gently exfoliate and remove dirt & dead skin. Using a sugar scrub two times a week will help keep your hands soft, remove dirt and help restore a natural glow to your skin.

After using a sugar scrub on your hands, finish with your favorite hand cream or moisturizer.

Sugar Scrubs For Hands And Cuticles

1. FOAMING SUGAR SCRUB by Sugar Rose Company

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If you want to use a sugar scrub on your hands, but also would like to avoid the potential stickiness that can be left afterwards, these sugar scrubs are foaming, so they rinse off the skin very easily. 

Their customers are raving about how great their skin feels after using their scrubs. With ingredients like organic cane sugar, coconut oil, & vitamin E oil you can't go wrong.

best scrubs for hands and nails  

2. LEMON & HONEY SUGAR SCRUB by Serendipity Natural Co

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Firstly, the vibrant yellow color of this hand scrub makes it very enticing. And ingredients like kaolin, honey and citrus oils give lots of skin loving benefits.

The natural ingredients will help with skin whitening & fine lines, so there’s a reason for everyone to use it.

All you need is just a very small amount and gently rub onto your hands and nails for great looking cuticles.

best sugar scrubs for hands and nails


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This sugar scrub that is suitable for your hands is made from top quality ingredients to ensure you receive the best experience possible. The compact size makes it great for giving as a gift, too, either alone or as a part of a self-care package.

If you are making up some spa themed gift baskets, these are perfect to include.

This shop has been a blessing and has been incredibly rewarding working with so many great customers.

best scrubs for hands and nails

4. SUGAR SCRUB FOR NAILS by Brooklyn Botany

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This sugar scrub is really good for sensitive skin. It's formulated with brown sugar which makes it a great choice for gentle exfoliation around the nail plate area.

Customers are saying that they are finding the granules softer than other sugar scrubs that they have tried. This scrub does not contain alcohol, parabens, or sulfates. It is formulated  with all-natural, vegan, and cruelty free ingredients.

Brooklyn Botany states that they are cruelty free

best sugar scrubs for hands and nails


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And then if you love the aroma of Lavender, Brooklyn Botany also makes a dreamy scrub with essential oils of Lavender. 

You can use this scrub to help combat dry hands and is best to be used a few times a week.

Brooklyn Botany states that they are cruelty free

best scrubs for hands and cuticles


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Wake up to soft, glowing skin with this handmade grapefruit sugar scrub. Rich in hemp oil and jojoba oil, this grapefruit scrub helps improve circulation and stimulate collagen production.

whipped grapefruit sugar scrub

7. SAMPLE SIZED SUGAR SCRUBS by Handmade Haven Soaps

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If you’re interested in trying out your product before you buy it, these sample-sized pots of facial sugar scrubs come at a reasonable price. They’re great for seeing how you get on with the product, or to take travelling with you, thanks to their handy size.

Not to mention, these sugar scrubs come in some delightful fragrances.

best sugar scrubs for hands and nails

8. YLANG YLANG SCRUB by Handmade Haven Soaps

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Everybody knows that ylang ylang is one of the most relaxing scents available when it comes to beauty products, so invest some time in yourself with this sugar scrub and take some time to relax and make your hands feel great.

Handmade from natural oils this scrub is formulated to ensure your skin and cuticles get the best treatment.

best scrubs for hands and nails    

9. SUGAR POLISH by Fresh

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This is a two in one sugar scrub and mask. The brown sugar and real wild strawberries exfoliate and buff your skin in a gentle way. This sugar scrub can be used on all skin types and will make your hands feel amazing.

Fresh states that they do not test their products or ingredients on animals

best sugar scrubs for nails    

10. FLOWER & FOREST SCRUB by Moonrise Creek

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Although this hand scrub may be a little more expensive than others on this list, it’s completely justified by the saturation of natural, effective ingredients it contains to give you a dream-like finish.

And how can you resist the adorable miniature wooden spoon that comes with it, along with the glass jar for perfect presentation?!

Moonrise Creek states that they are cruelty free

best sugar scrubs for hands and nails 

11. SUGAR SCRUB FOR MEN by Sweet Clementine Soaps

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You will find amazing combinations of aromas from this Etsy shop. They offer many kinds of sugar scrubs, like this one specifically formulated for men.

Here's a sugar scrub that is handmade and scented with a masculine blend of crisp citrus and eucalyptus, completed by notes of meadow grass and cedarwood. It's the perfect way to start your day or unwind after a long one.

best sugar scrubs for men

12. ROSE NAIL SCRUB by Good Juju Herbal

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One of the most noticeable things about this sugar scrub is the sleek, minimalist and professional packaging style which accompanies the organic product.

It’s great to give as a gift or keep for yourself but, either way, the recipient will enjoy using this scrub on dry hands. Especially if used in conjunction with the rest of the store’s skincare collection. 

Every product is approved by the most sensitive skin and tested for at least 6 weeks by multiple product testers before launch to ensure it is the best on the market. 

 sugar scrubs for cuticles and nails


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A scrub that can be used as a scrub & cleanser to help achieve a healthy looking glow on your hands. This scrub is formulated for all skin types and it will help you gently exfoliate.

A great scrub to help minimize pores that will give you silky-smooth skin and cuticles right away.

M3 Naturals state that they are cruelty free

best scrubs for hands and nails

14. OCEAN SPRAY SCRUB by Shea Moisture

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If you want to try an ultra fine sugar scrub for your hands & cuticles that contains natural oils then this might just become your favorite.

This scrub is formulated with coconut oil & shea butter that will help soothe and calm your skin while it gently exfoliates.

Shea Moisture states that they are cruelty free

best sugar scrubs for nails

15. VANILLA SUGAR SCRUB by Pure Scrubs

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Here is an artisan sugar scrub that has a lovely aroma. With ingredients like organic brown sugar crystals, organic aloe vera, organic argan oil, organic shea butter, vitamin E and more you know that this scrub is going to be great for your skin and especially around the nails.

Nothing is mass produced and you won’t find anything artificial in our scrubs.

Pure Scrubs states that they do no animal testing

best sugar scrubs for cuticles and nails


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And for those of you who prefer an unscented version for your hand scrubs, here is their unscented version that can be used for all skin types including oily, combination, and dry.

Pure Scrubs states that they do no animal testing

sugar scrubs for cuticles

17. PEPPERMINT SUGAR SCRUB by Beauty By Earth Store

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The peppermint aroma is super invigorating and customers are raving about how this sugar scrub feels so good after using it on their hands.

To use on your hands, gently rub a small amount in circular movements and then rinse and pat dry with a towel. Apply your favorite moisturizer or hand cream.

You’ll notice smoother skin after the first use. With continued use, you’ll notice an improved overall appearance of your skin, with a glow that radiates health and wellness.

sugar scrubs for hands and nails 

18. TURMERIC SUGAR SCRUB by Happy Dragon Skincare

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This Etsy shop specializes in personalized skin care and has over 5000 sales to happy customers. Their mission is to make all of their skin care products by hand in small batches.

Their customers are very important to them and it shows. They have raving feedback!

When I receive heartwarming messages and reviews, it keeps me focused and determined to keep my shop open.

best sugar scrubs for hands and nails

19. ICELANDIC SEAWEED SCRUB by Meadowlark Botanical

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After using this sugar scrub, expect your hands to feel super soft and smooth! The natural marine minerals that this shop includes in this scrub has micro-nutrients. And these are what helps reduce fine lines.

Their customers are saying that it's truly the best hand scrubs that they have used.

I'm incredibly passionate about holistic health, skincare, herbal medicine and empowering women to live a more joyful, well-intentioned life in harmony and balance with nature.

Meadowlark Botanical states that they are cruelty free

best sugar scrubs for dry hands 

We hope you found this article helpful and you can now find your perfect brand of sugar scrubs. Please save a Pin to your nail boards.

best sugar scrubs for hand and nails


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