29 BEST Tools For Nails & Nail Art [2022]

nail art tools

Here are some of the best nail art tools for your DIY nails and also for at home nail salons. We are going to discuss some basic tools for nail art like dotting tools and then also some tools that you may not have heard about yet, like an autoclave sterilizer.

No matter if you are a beginner nail artist or someone who is looking for some different nail design tools to stock up on, you have come to the right place. Whenever you need to create nail art at home or looking for nail art tools as a gift for that person in your life who loves to do their nails, we've got you covered.

nail art tools 

Finding new and exciting nail tools for designs is so much fun, and this list has essential nail art tools that everyone should always have on hand and also give you some tips on how to use them for your manicures.

Let's get started!


1. Geode Mixing Palette

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If you love mixing and blending your nail polish colors, then you need a geode mixing palette in your life!

These pretty resin palettes come in many sizes and shapes, including geode rings that fit on your finger. Create custom colors, or use it to mix glitters into your gel polishes.

You can purchase budget sets from Amazon or go to Etsy to find some unique handmade resin palettes that are one of a kind.

tools for nail art at home

2. Holographic Glitter For Nails

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Add a little sparkle to your nails with nail glitter. Glitter for nails comes in a ton of colors and shapes to choose from, so you can make the perfect look for any occasion.

Holo glitter is especially sure to make your nails stand out, while super fine glitter gives you a subtle shimmer to your nails. 

best nail art tools holo glitter

3. Rhinestones For Nail Art

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Looking for something fun and flashy for your nails? Then rhinestones and gems are just what you need.

Whether you want to make a statement with big, chunky rhinestones or go for a more delicate look with tiny gemstones, there's a ton of sets to choose from without breaking the budget.

rhinestone nail art tool kits

4. Dried Flowers For Floral Nails

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Dried flowers for nail art provide the perfect way to get pretty, spring or summer inspired nails. They can be used on their own or combined with other colors and materials to create beautiful designs.

dried flowers for nail art

5. Builder Gel For Embedding Objects

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If you're looking for nail art supplies that will help you achieve strong nails that last up to 4 weeks, look no further than builder gels.

Builder gels are specially formulated to create strong and long-lasting manicures on natural nails and nail tips & forms. 

And if you are embedding objects like flowers or polymer clay elements, builder gel is what you would need for that. Read up on builder gel tips & FAQ's.

In this video below, we show how builder gel works for embedding fruit pieces.


6. Manicure Set

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No matter what kind of nail art tools you use for a manicure, you always need to prep your nails properly first. Look for a nail art tool kit that has really small and sharp cuticle scissors.

Professional nail art tools will be made from good quality stainless steel.

7. Fineliner Brushes For Gels

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Whenever you need to make a tiny nail art design, you will need a thin fineliner brush. These brushes will also be used to make sure that the gel polish will go right up to the cuticles so that there isn't a ridge between your cuticle and gel.

Fineliner brushes are one of the best nail art tools to have for a professional manicure at home.

Tip: To prevent the brushes from hardening, clean them after each use and store them away from UV light.

8. Metallic Gilding Flakes For Nails

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You can get gorgeous shiny nails by adding some here and there or going all out. Foil flakes are one of those fun nail art tools for doing your own nails. 

It's easy to apply with either UV glue or regular nail glue and provide a gorgeous reflective enhancement to your nails. You can find all kinds of foil nail art kits in metallic colors like gold, red, silver and rose gold.

gold nail art decorations

9. Nail Art Stickers

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What nail art tool list would be complete without nail stickers! There are literally endless ideas that you can use for your DIY manicures. Some really popular nail stickers right now are unicorn and fantasy themed stickers. 

There's also cool 3D stickers and holographic stickers too in all kinds of nail art themes.

Here's a video from our YouTube channel showing how to make a DIY unicorn nail art from stickers we ordered from an Etsy shop.


10. Nail Stickers Storage Book

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With so many stickers and packs to choose from, you might need a nail sticker storage book to keep everything organized by color or theme.

These are definitely one of the must have nail decorating tools to have so that you can just look through your book when inspiration strikes.

11. Printable Nail Stickers

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Printable nail stickers are fun and easy to use. The best part is that you don't have to wait for shipping! With many themes and colors to choose from, you can mix these stickers and match until your perfect nail art ideas come to life.

Smaller stickers can easily be used with regular printer paper. The large stickers will need to be printed onto decal paper so that they lay flat.

nail art stickers to print

12. Dotting Nail Art Tools

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To get tiny dots and polka dots onto your nails you will need dotting tools. You can use what you have at home like tooth pics. Or you can purchase a budget set that comes in different sizes to make large and small dots easily.

dot nail art tool

13. Nail Striping Tape

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Whenever you want to get a perfect line in your manicures, that's where striping tape comes in. This nail art tool can be used for making lines and then also for adding dimension and color to your nail art ideas.

We recommend that you use some kind of top coat or builder gel to go over the tape so that it will last longer and not peel off.

nail art tools striping tape

14. Fine Liner Nail Polish

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Looking for a new way to add some fine lines to your nails? Try a fine liner gel polish. This innovative polish is perfect for creating squiggly lines and painting on a perfect French line.

With so many fun colors to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one for your style. Gel polishes require a cure lamp.

fine liner gel polishes

15. UV Nail Glue

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UV nail glue is used for gluing down flowers, gems, glitter and polymer clay embeds. To use this glue, you will need a UV lamp to cure it.

In this video below, we show how this glue can be used to add round ball embellishments to a nail tip.


16. Gel Polish Kit

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Gel polish kits are fabulous for beginner nail artists. They have all of the nail design tools to start making a manicure right away. And the nice thing about kits is that they come with many different nail polish colors to try.

For someone who is just getting into nails and wants to try gels, look for a kit that has a cure lamp, gel polishes and includes all the tools for doing your nails.

17. Cat Eye Polish

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Here is an exciting nail decorating tool. Cat eye gel polishes are so fun to use and you can create so many different effects with just one set.

The magnetic polish creates a multi-dimensional effect depending on how the light shines onto it. When using this specially formulated holographic polish, it makes your manicures look like a galaxy world.

Here's our tutorial on how to create a cat eye manicure


18. Cure Lamps For Gel Nails

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Cure lamps are one of the tools that professionals always have on hand. The best cure lamps will give you a quick cure time.

We have a super helpful article on how to pick the perfect nail lamp and give you some great options for your nail art designs.

19. Nail Dip Powder Kits

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Nail dipping powder is a powder that you dip your nail into for a long lasting manicure. When the activator is applied, the powder will dry hard on your nails. This will usually give you a manicure that will last for about 3 weeks.

Dipping powders come in unlimited colors. Glitter dipping powder kits are really popular for giving gorgeous glittery effects that shine in the sun.

nail dip powder kits

20. Matte Top Coat

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One of the staples to have in your nail art tool stash is a matte top coat. This is for those times when you don't want any shine at all.

A matte top coat can be used on all of the nails, or just a couple when you want to have a different design on each nail.

matte gel top coat

21. No Wipe Glossy Top Coat

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And here is another must have tool for DIY manicure, and that of course is a no wipe glossy top coat.

Sometimes we find that even though some gel polishes say, no wipe, there is still a tiny bit of sticky that is left behind. If that happens, you can just remove it with some Isopropyl alcohol.

22. Silicone Practice Mat

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These are great tools to have on hand for practicing nail art ideas. Because they are made from silicone, whatever you paint onto it will come right off easily.

You can use a silicone practice mat for gels, acrylics and also regular nail polish.

To clean it, just take some soapy water and give it a gentle wash and then rinse. In this video below, we were practicing some new nail art ideas for our YouTube channel.


23. Silicone Practice Hand

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We use these here all time and it's one of our must have nail art tools. Silicone practice hands are a helpful tool for aspiring nail artists. Whenever you have a nail art idea, you can just insert your tip and get busy with your ideas.

Check out this article about some of the best silicone practice hands that we recommend.

They are made of soft, flexible silicone that makes it easy to apply your nail products and adjust your nails. Plus, the non-slip grip provides extra stability when you're working on your next masterpiece.

Here's a video on our YouTube channel on how to keep a silicone practice hand clean.

24. Nail Drill

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Nail drills are used to get gel or acrylic off your nails. You can even use them for different nail design effects on nail tips and designs. In this video below, we are showing how you can create a rose nail design using layered nail polish and a nail drill.

25. Carbide Nail Drill Bits

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Carbide nail drill bits are good nail art tools to have on hand for different manicure jobs like specialty carving, grinding off gel polish and shaping nail tips.

This set by Makartt will fit most nail drill machines that use 3/32" bits.

carbide nail drill bits

26. Nail Dust Collector

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As a necessary step in both gel and acrylic manicures, dusting off excess powder is key to ensuring a flawless finish. But anyone who's ever done their own nails at home knows that this simple task can quickly turn into a nightmare with dust powder getting everywhere.

Traditional methods like using a brush or your hand can leave you coughing and sneezing for hours afterwards, not to mention the risk of inhaling potentially harmful particles.

Enter the nail dust collector: a must-have tool for anyone who wants to keep their lungs healthy and their manicure perfect. This innovative device helps capture excess powder so you can breathe easy during and after your manicure.

nail dust collector 

27. Autoclave Sterilizer

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For at home DIY nail artists, this might not be a tool that you need. But for an at home nail tech or professional this is definitely something to be on your must have tool list.

An autoclave sterilizer kills bacteria with steam under pressure. It will sterilize objects that have different shapes and crevasses that can't be cleaned by hand.

So after your appointment, you can run your nail tools in the autoclave to keep them clean in between nail clients.

autoclave sterilizer

28. Nail Train Case

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A nail train case is a must have for nails on the go or for storage. Look for a kit that has plenty of room for your nail polishes, buffers, nail drills and other essential nail art tools.

The large train cases are on wheels for easy maneuvering. The trail case has a locking system and plenty of drawers and dividers.

nail train case

29. Portable Nail Art Printer

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Nail art printers are great for parties, special occasions, or just for fun to have in your nail studio. The machine prints directly onto your nails, and then you apply a top coat.

nail art printer


We hope you found this article helpful and can find some amazing new nail art tools to try out.

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