9 Effective Ways To Track Nail Supplies Inventory

keep track of nail art supplies

Here are some ideas and ways that you can start to track inventory for your nail art business or press on nail Etsy shop.

Tracking inventory and supplies is essential in running a successful and organized nail art business.

It's important to stay ahead of supply demands, track what products are running low, and track which products are popular among customers.

With organized tracking of inventory and nail art supplies, small business owners & at home nail studios can successfully order new materials in the right amounts to help their business run more efficiently.

nail art supplies inventory tracking

By having an accurate track record of inventory and supplies, a nail art business will have a more organized workflow that consequently leads to increased profits.

You won't have to worry about what needs to be used up or expiring, especially when you are purchasing costly acrylic nail art supplies or gel polishes. Everything will be written down and that frees up your mind to focus on creating nails.

The way you organize and track nail art inventory could be the reason your not efficiently manage your cash flow. You may be too busy keeping up on current trends while older supplies and products that you purchased are just sitting there being unused.

how to keep track of nail art supplies

Here are the best ways to keep track of your nail art inventory and supplies for your nail art business.

Tracking your nail art supplies will help you:

Let's go through these ways to help you keep organized and on track again!

Tips For Tracking Nail Art Supplies

1. Track Nail product samples and freebies

Keeping track of product samples for your salon or nail art business can be immensely helpful. Not only does it organize the business, it's also a practical way to keep customers informed and engaged.

Furthermore, tracking product samples can help business owners monitor what works and what doesn't work in terms of products and offers, making it easier to attain business goals and objectives.

Organizations like small beauty salons or nail art boutiques will find that having a system for tracking product samples is not only beneficial but crucial for business success. These little promos add up big time!

nail art products inventory tracking

2. Document Small Items

Ready to sell nail art products like nail stickersretail products that are ready to be sold or packaged should always be tracked.

Keeping track of small items like nail glue for rhinestones might seem like a daunting task, but it can really pay off in the long run. By having an accurate accounting of all the products you have – both big and small – you’ll save money and business headaches.

Small inventory items can quickly add up to large costs if not tracked carefully.

Also, knowing how many products you have and where they are located in your salon or nail room becomes even more important when reordering supplies or unpacking shipments so that you don't buy duplicates.

We have a helpful article about how to organize nail art supplies to help you.

inventory tracking ideas for a nail business

3. Use A Clever Fox Inventory Planner

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If you're a nail technician, then the Clever Fox Inventory and Sales Business is a tool that can help you organize your nail inventory.

You'll be able to easily flip through records at any time. This planner for nail techs is helpful for running your Etsy nail supply shop, salon and at home-based nail business. There is a detailed user manual with examples to guide you.

inventory planner

Watch their tutorial video in the listing to see exactly what this inventory planner looks like inside with details.

inventory planner for nail techs

4. Keep track of damaged supplies or inventory that cannot be sold for regular prices

Keeping track of damaged inventory doesn't just help business owners know what they have on hand; it also helps business owners control their spending.

When you know the exact amount of damaged supplies, items that are not trending or nails that didn't turn out you can adjust your order amounts accordingly.

This helps so that you don't overspend on products that won't get used.

nail art inventory tracking

5. Packaging and shipping inventory tracking

An accurate tracking of business packing supplies inventory is an important component to business success. Keeping detailed information of the items on hand allows you to maintain your operations without disruption.

Having a reliable count of shipping boxes, ribbons, small bags for nail jewels and other shipping must haves prevents unnecessary trips to the store, saving valuable time and money.

This will also allow you to efficiently prepare for supply and demand changes that may occur due to market shifts or seasonal sales changes.

Having a clear inventory also helps quickly replenish stock when running low on certain things you reach for often.

keeping track of packaging supplies

6. Deluxe Business Bundle For Excel

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When you are keeping track of your inventory with this download that works on Microsoft Excel, you will know exactly what you have on hand.

It also keeps you more organized and efficient when you are packaging orders.

This download includes an expense tracker, sales trackers, expenses, inventory tracker, product pricing and more. This is a complete system that you can use for your nail art business.

inventory planner for google sheets

7. Business Planner For Google Sheets

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For nail technicians looking to keep organized and accurate records of their business expenses and inventory, this bookkeeping spreadsheet from Etsy is the perfect solution.

Without any extra hassle or guesswork, a nail art business can ensure that all transactions are tracked accurately and quickly accessible whenever they need them — a great way to save time on tedious paperwork and avoid costly mistakes while growing your business.

Plus, you'll have peace of mind knowing that all your inventory can be accessed anywhere you can login with your Google account.

inventory tracking download for google sheets

8. Track press on nail collections

Knowing your business’s top sellers and tracking your inventory is key to any successful business, especially for press on nail artists.

Being aware of which nails are most popular and when you are running low on stock helps business owners anticipate customer demand before it hits.

It also helps to not overbuy or run out of materials. Accurate stock records will also benefit you as you will be able to keep your shop up-to-date with the latest products which customers love and value.

All in all, keeping track of your top selling press on nails can create a positive business environment for press on nail artists. This allows you to focus your attention on the creative process instead of waste time worrying about business operations.

press on nail collections inventory

9. Budget Friendly Inventory Log Book

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Here's a budget-friendly option for small nail businesses looking to keep track of their inventory. Whether you're at home, or an online entrepreneur, this handy log book provides an easy way to manage your supplies.

inventory planner

✅ In closing:

It’s clear that having a well-organized and accurate inventory system in place is essential for running a successful small nail art business or press-on nail business.

By taking the time to track inventories and supplies, business owners can prevent overstocking their shelves while ensuring they are always providing their customers with everything they need in-store or online.

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