valentine nail art ideas

Here are some of the absolute best Valentine's day nail art ideas for this year! Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself with a salon-inspired mani.

If you are looking for some unique ideas this Valentine’s Day, you have come to the right place on our nail blog! Get creative by decorating nails with DIY nails that include hearts, glitter, and all kinds of love inspired designs.

best valentines nail art ideas

From easy roses to painted nails and designs featuring shine and sparkles, there is a great valentine nail art idea for every style and budget.

And if you are searching for inspiration but don't want to do your own nails, we found some amazing Etsy shops that sell custom press ons that are stunning.

We know you want the good stuff so we are going to get right into this list for you.

Creative Valentine's Nail Art Ideas

1. Easy 70's Valentine Nails

Starting this list off with a super easy design, these pink nails have a 70's inspired vibe to them. All you need is a jelly polish for the base, a hot pink color like the one you get in the Beetles Summer Paradise collection, and contrasting white or light pink.

Also, if you love 70's nails, then check out this 70's nail art tutorial on our blog.

valentines nail art ideas

2. Passion Valentine Nails

A pink base with some white swirls makes these passion nails a good choice for Valentine's day. They are elegant, romantic and giving all the lovely vibes.

By adding some nail art decorations, they are seriously ready for a night with your favorite person.

valentines nail art ideas

3. Elegant Valentine's Day Nails

Sometimes you just don't have the time to do a whole manicure. So an easy way is to paint all of your nails the same color and leave one nail for a fancy feature.

By using a deep red nail polish and some glittery nail tape, you can get an elegant nail look easily.

valentine's nail art ideas

4. French Comic Book Nails

Visit Etsy Shop

Spoil your nails this Valentine's day season with the most trending look with a French twist. This gorgeous set of valentine inspired designs is the ideal way to show your love!

valentines comic book nails

5. Pink Comic Book Nails Lovelee Nailz

Visit Etsy Shop

Barbie nails make such a great idea for this year and you can see these designs all over the web right now. Whether you're treating yourself or that special someone this valentine's day, these on-trend nails are sure to be a hit.

This set with a matte and glossy finish is one of their most popular valentine's day designs.

valentines day nails

6. Midtone Rose Pink Valentine's Nails

Visit Etsy Shop

What better way to get into the loving spirit than with some vintage inspired colored nails? Rose is such a versatile color, and it looks great alone or with some added nail art decorations.

It's truly a unique shade for this year. This pink nail polish has some serious rosy vibes. 🌹

midtone rose pink valentines day nails

7. Red Roses Valentine Nails

Visit Le Mini Macaron

A romantic red gel manicure set would make a thoughtful gift for a nail art lover. The set includes everything to create beautiful & glossy valentine nails right at home.

valentines day nail art ideas

8. Lacey Roses Nails

Why not go classic and elegant with rose nails and lace? If you are a pro, you can hand paint your designs or you opt for a decal instead.

And if you're feeling extra creative, you can even do a little of both. Add on some rhinestones near the cuticle to complete the look.

valentine's nail art ideas pink roses

9. Makartt Valentine's Day Nails

Shop Makartt On Amazon

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and Makartt has you covered when it comes to nail ideas. They have something fun to play with to accessorize your valentine's day look.

Choose from an array of gel palettes with romantic colors that are sure to make your hands eye-catching and unique. You can also use their gel polishes as a base and then use uv glue for rhinestones to make them even more beautiful.

valentines day nail tutorial

10. Pink Solar Valentine Nails

Visit Etsy Shop

February is the time to treat your nails with a little bit of luxury. And, this bold color changing polish makes a statement that cannot be ignored.

This polish changes from white in the shade to a lovely pink in the sun. Plus, it's non-toxic, cruelty-free, and 10-free, so you can feel good about your nails.

pink solar valentines day nails

11. Vlad Dracul Multichrome Polish

Visit Etsy Shop

For all the nail lovers out there, consider this your new go-to valentine's day nail polish! This bold red polish is made with premium ultrachrome multi-color pigments for a beautiful manicure.

deep dark red nail polish for valentines day

12. Bright Pink V'day Polish

Visit Etsy Shop

This pink nail polish is packed with beautiful shimmering pigments, and is cruelty-free, and 5-free. An amazing shade for any romantic evening, this polish is sure to make your nails look their best.

best valentines day nail art ideas 

13. Cute Heart Valentine's Day Nails

Visit Etsy Shop

From time to time we come across nail artists that have some of the best press on nails.

Wait until you see the stunning creations in this Etsy shop from this Etsy shop. They have so many pretty ideas that are breathtaking for Valentine's day.

cute heart nails

14. Chrome Valentine's Day Nails

Visit Etsy Shop

Express your love this Valentine's Day with heart-shaped nails! It's the perfect way to display your loving feelings in an artistic way - heart nails are modern and stylish while also being romantic.

chrome valentines nails

15. Fire Valentine's Day Nails

Visit Etsy Shop

This set of fire heart nails will guarantee that you'll stands out among the crowd in a very special way this Valentine's day.

Even better, you can choose your own shape preference. There is something truly romantic about taking the time to find just the right shape and design for this year's love day.

fire valentines day nails

16. Thermal Pink & Red Nail Polish

Visit Etsy Shop

If you're looking for something a little different, consider a thermal nail polish that color changes. This shop on Etsy is cruelty free and this is something we can all get behind. We have a helpful list of more shops that carry cruelty free nail polish.

pink and red thermal nail polish

17. Polymer Clay Embeds

Visit Etsy Shop

There's no end to the nail art supplies that you can buy on Etsy. And this shop has so many listings for embeds, heart shaped clay, and baby pink glitters that you can use for amazing design ideas like this Vday confetti.

embeds for nail art

18. Mica Powder Nails

Visit Etsy Shop

Another way to celebrate valentine's day is with cosmetic grade mica powder. Use this powder to create you very own custom colors but adding it to a clear base or to a lighter shade for pearly accents.

cosmetic grade mica powder

19. Gold Glitter Valentine's Day Nails

For Valentine's Day, red and gold nails are a classic look. The combination of red nail polish and shining gold glitter polish accents brings together a beautiful and romantic aesthetic that is both timeless and unique.

valentine's nail art ideas red and gold

20. Hand Painted Heart Nails

Go with a super easy to do design if you are running out of time. All you need for this look is some silver nail polish for the base. Then paint on a heart with very thin lines using a black polish and fill in the heart with some red.

hearts with stripes valentine's nail art ideas

21. Nail Decal Templates

Check Etsy Sellers

Nail art is a fun and creative way to express your personality, and there are endless possibilities for design ideas.

With downloadable templates, you can create your own nail art designs that are unique and stylish using Canva.

nail decal templates for canva

22. Classic Valentine's Day Nails

Nothing says Valentine's Day quite like cute nails adorned with classic designs like hearts and red glitter! polish. This beautiful look can really set the tone for a night of romance, as the cute hearts and glamorous glitter dance in the light.

valentine's nail art ideas

23. Dried Flower Nails

Visit Etsy Shop

Try embedding dried flowers into builder gel for a romantic look. First, select your flowers and trim them to size. Then glue them on with good quality nail glue and apply a top coat or use builder gel.

If you have not used builder gel for a manicure yet, we have a helpful article about how to use builder gel and a Modelones builder gel review with step by step instructions on how to use it.

dried flowers for nail art

24. Hello Cupid

Visit Etsy Shop

Dash Nails has some of the best press on nails out there. And the best part is that the are all custom made and ready to wear the moment they arrive.

Their nails are completely customized from scratch and they take great time and care to make sure their customers feel extra special.

hello cupid nails

25. Extra Long Dash Nails

Visit Etsy Shop

Explore the timeless beauty of valentine's nails with another great set from Dash Nails. This Etsy store is a fantastic place to find custom nails that adds a touch of romance to your valentine's day look.

extra long nails

26. Valentine's Nail Gel Kit

Check Price On Amazon

Here's a gel nail polish kit with a ton of color tones for valentine's day. This kit comes with many love-inspired colors, so you can mix and match to create pretty much any look you like.

Plus, the gel formula means your nails will stay looking great for weeks! A nail lamp for curing the gel is required.

beetles gel polish for valentines day

We have worked with this brand before, here is a swatching video of one of their packs and review of Beetles Summer Paradise collection so you can see exactly what the formula looks like.

27. Red Velvet Nails

Go classy with red nails. Use a matte top coat to change the red polish from a glossy finish to velvet matte.

valentine's nail art ideas classic velvet

28. Modelones Color Cube

Visit Modelones Shop

The collection features 8 gel polish palettes with 21 shades in each set. The colors are so fun for creating unique nail art designs, and the set makes an excellent gift idea for a nail art lover for any occasion but especially Valentine's Day. Wait until you see them, they are so cute.

valentine's day nail ideas

29. Valentine's Day Set

Shop Zoya On Amazon

Zoya's award winning color is vegan friendly. And is one of the premium brands on Amazon that offers shades in all kinds of beautiful colors. With this set, you can paint different designs on each nail.

valentines day nail polish set

30. OPI Malaga Wine

Visit Amazon Shop

What better way to say "I love you" this Valentine's Day than with a womanly shade of deep red? OPI Infinite Shine Malaga Wine is a favorite color choice for valentine's day.

Its warm and romantic hue has a long-lasting shine, and will look absolutely fabulous during the most romantic of candlelit dinners.

opi nail polish for valentines day

31. OPI Big Bloom Energy

Visit Amazon Shop

Valentine's Day is a time of year to show your special someone how much they mean to you, and what better way to do that than by surprising them with a stunning vegan nail lacquer from OPI Naturals. 

For a look that's all your own add on some love themed waterslide nail decals, a top coat and you have a gorgeous DIY manicure at home.

valentines day nail art ideas with nail polish

32. Black, White And Pink

This valentine's day, take your fun loving manicure one step further by making a cute design on one nail.

valentine's nail art ideas sailor hearts

33. Red Toes For Valentine's Day

This valentine's day why not spoil yourself with a gorgeous shade of red painted onto your toes? Red is one of the most romantic colors, and it's no secret why!

It's the power color that says ‘alluring’, ‘desirable’. Painting your toes will make you look and feel beautiful, prepared for the big date night.

valentine's nail art ideas

34. Half Moon Valentine's Day Nails

Show off a pink and white nail with half moons. Style your outfit with perfectly polished nails that express your personal style.

valentine's nail art ideas

35. Pink & Black Cat Eye Nails

One of the hottest trends this year is cat eye nail polish. This magnetic nail polish creates a dramatic feline eye effect. The best part is that it's easy to do at home with just a few cat eye nail art supplies.

cat eye nail art ideas

36. Cow Print Nails

Visit Etsy Shop

Cow print nails are great for anytime of year but they always seem to get more popular during Valentine's day and Fall.

Amazing quality and stunning designs are what you will get from this press on nail shop on Etsy.

cow print nails for valentines day

37. Valentine's Holo Nails

Cute holographic nails are fashion forward with just the right mix of fun colors. Check out some of the top selling holo nail polish. Best holographic nail polish

holographic nails for valentine's day

38. Pink Chrome Nails

Another design that is so easy to do with some pink chrome nail polish.

valentine's day nail ideas pink chrome

39. Gradient Nail Art Glitter

Visit Etsy Shop

Looking for a little extra sparkle and shine for your nails this year? The loose heart glitters from Oh Fer Cute Vinyl is perfect for creating DIY manicures that will really stand out for V-day.

They offer a mix of different fine or chunky glitters, you can customize your look. And since it's loose, it's easy to apply and gives you lots of control over the amount of glitter shapes you use.

Heartthrob glitter

glitter for nail art ideas hearts

40. Lacy Valentine's Day Nails

Add an extra element of romance to valentine's day this year by trying out a delicate lacy design. Soft pink and white adorn each fingertip with a lacework of intricate detailing that's sure to make an impression.

valentines nail art ideas elegant lace

41. Glow In The Dark Nails

Check Price On Amazon

This unique set allows you to add glow in the dark glitter to your nails in just minutes. Plus, the powder comes in a variety of colors, so you can create any glittery look you want.

You can dip your wet nails into the glitter or mix it into a clear base color or builder gel.

pink glow in the dark glitter

42. Pink Dried Flower Packs

Visit Etsy Shop

With a delicate variety of vibrant colors, these dried flowers are a romantic accent for every flower inspired manicure this valentine's day.

Use flowers as a delicate accent on one single nail or go all out for an extreme look! You can also take them to the next level by adding some crystals to the center.

dried flowers for nail art

43. Easy & Quick Valentine's Day Nails

When you're in a rush to get ready, simply grab several shades of pink for an ombre look. Let the boldness of deep rose convey love and passion while a muted blush adds hints of innocence and sweetness.

valentines nail art ideas

44. Valentine's Day Nail Decals

Check Prices On Amazon

Nail decals are an essential tool for anyone who loves DIY nails. They come in a wide variety of designs, from cute hearts to word art, and they're easy to apply so anyone can have a professional nail art look.

valentines day stickers.

45. 3D Nail Decals

Visit Etsy Shop

Here are some really cute designs for when you want to try a 3D look. This is one of the top sellers on Etsy for some unique stickers. They have lots to choose from that you can mix and match. Create a design on each nail or make one statement nail on your ring finger.

3d nail art stickers for valentines day

46. Custom Valentine's Day Nails

Visit Etsy Shop

These press-on valentine's nails are sure to bring some added romance to the day! With their delicate designs and complimentary colors, they will look beautiful on any skin tone.

The French manicure is made with jelly polish as a base for a negative space, and then hearts ranging from pale pink to white polish. These give a romantic vibe and is one of our favorites for this year.

custom valentines day nails

47. Abstract Pink Nails

A pink nail polish base is a romantic way to show off your loving spirit. Abstract nails are a way to spruce up a feminine look, giving your valentine's look something special and unique.

If you're pressed for time for your event and can't find someone to do your nails, this design is super easy to do.

valentines nail art ideas light pink with stripes

48. Extra Long Romantic Nails

Visit Etsy Shop

What a find! Each set of nails from this shop are painted by hand with love and care. They have excellent feedback for their extra long press on nails. You are going to have fun browsing through their listings to find a set.

extra long valentines day nails

49. Encapsulated Heart Nails

Visit Etsy Shop

From time to time we find a shop that really stand out from the rest. This shop offers so many designs that are great for not only valentine's day, but for any time of the year when you need to splurge.

Their artificial nails can be made in pretty much any shape, color or length.

valentines day press on nails

50. Bling Valentine's Day Press On Nails

Visit Etsy Shop

How special and romantic would you feel wearing these custom nails? There's no end to the press on nails that you can buy from this shop.

And this shop has so many stunning creations. You can wear these nails for a special dinner and save them for another time.

blinged out valentines day nails

51. Reflective Rainbow Nails

Visit Born Pretty

Another way you can use this reflective and color changing polish is to apply it over a darker or lighter color. With some imagination, you can really take one polish and make many different types of valentine's day manicures.

valentines nail ideas

52. Romantic Flower Nails

With just a bit of painting, you can have a nail set that is both professional and romantic. You can easily transition from the office to a romantic evening.

valentines nail art ideas red flower nails

53. Dipped Glittery Nails

Visit Etsy Shop

Dip powder nails are quick, easy, and requires minimal equipment. So manicures like these makes it a popular choice for at-home nail enthusiasts and professionals alike.

This shop on Etsy has a fully stocked shop on powders for valentine's day. If you are new to dip powder nails, check out our nail dipping powder guide.

glitter pink dip powder nails

54. Stylish Red & Gold Glitter Nails

To get this look first paint 4 nails with your favorite shade. Then choose two nails and paint them with a light shade or a gelly color. Once they are dry, go ahead and paint in the ends with some of your favorite glitter polish.

And add in some details like whimsical round circles or hearts, then apply a top coat to seal it all in.

valentines nail art ideas abstract nails

55. Artisan Press On Nails

Visit Etsy Shop

This beautiful nail set is hand-painted nude and red valentine's day nails. These nails have been painted with red and a light tan nude background. Aren't the  red and tan heart accents and a tic tac toe board so adorable?

You can order these nails in a matte or glossy.

romantic handmade press on nails

56. Glittery Nail Set

Show off with hearts, silver nail polish and bright red nails. It's a combination of romance and fun that will really make you stand out on the special day.

valentines nail art ideas glitter hearts

57. Polka Dot Nails

To get this look is super easy. Pick out two colors like the picture below. If you don't have the exact shade, that's ok. Just use what you have.

Once the base is dry, go ahead and use a toothpick for the dots and a fineliner brush for the hearts. Seal everything in with a matte top coat.

cute valentine's nail art ideas

58. Love You Nails

Here's a simple Valentine's day nail that anyone can do with the words love you.

valentines nail art ideas love you

59. Pink Valentine's Day Nails

Nothing captures sheer whimsy like cute pink nails adorned with playful polka dots and stripes! A simple mani such as this can offer a romantic boost to any look. An inherently feminine color, pink conjures up girlish charm that's impossible to ignore.

valentine's nail art ideas pink and white nails

60. Stained Glass Hearts

To get this stained glass look first paint your nails in a light pink shade. Next paint in the hearts with a fineliner brush. Then paint in the black lines inside the heart. Let this dry.

Finish off with painting different colors inside each shape making sure that you don't go over the black lines. Seal in with a top coat.

One of the nice things about using regular nail polish is that it can be removed with nail polish remover easily.

valentine's nail art ideas stained glass hearts

61. Flush Nails

Shop On Melody Susie

Whether you're headed to a party or just want to add a pop of color to your everyday look, these flush nails from Melody Susie are so cute and whimsical.

melody susie press on nails

In Conclusion:

Have fun experimenting and create beautiful nails for your special day.

Whether you opt for pink sparkle tones with a few accents or go all out with glitter and extra long nails, valentine's day is the best day to express your personality.

Did you find an idea from this list? We hope so!

Thanks for reading and being here with us today. If you would like to support our nail blog, we would love it if you could share this article on your social media or link back to this article from your own blogs, websites and Facebook groups.

We would really appreciate that so very much :)


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