19 UNIQUE Waterslide Nail Decals For Nail Art

waterslide nail decals

Here are the best waterslide nail decal ideas for a colorful and fun manicure using stickers that you actually dip into water.

Water nail decals, also known as water transfer nail decals & waterslide nail decals, have never been more popular. They are easy to use and also come in many different shapes, colors and sizes. 

Waterslide nail decals are absolutely perfect for those who want the look of hand painted nail art designs without having to actually paint the designs onto your nails.

That's where water nail decals come in. In no time at all you can have the same look as custom hand painted nails. And the best part? They are totally affordable.

best waterslide nail decals

There's many designs to choose from too when shopping for water decals for nails. Florals, butterflies and holiday themed water nail decals are very popular.

If you like the look of soft watercolor artwork then you will love some of the waterslide transfers that we found from some Etsy shops who specialize in water nail decals.

After reading about the best waterslide nail decals, head on over to our tutorial on how to apply waterslide decals.

best waterslide nail decal ideas


Water nail decals also known as water transfer nail decals or waterslide decals are nail art designs that are printed onto thin paper sheets that use waterproof inks so that the image doesn't run.

When the desired image is cut out and placed into water for 30 seconds, the printed image will slide off of the clear protective film. The decal can then be placed onto the nail with tweezers and then smoothed out with a soft nail brush. Once dry, a final top coat can be applied.

There are two different kinds of nail decals. Water decal images that you cut out and water decals that cover your whole nail. Waterslide decals will come with a protective film that you will remove before dipping the image into the water.

Let's go through this list together to help you pick out the perfect designs for your DIY manicures or salons.

Best Waterslide Nail Decals Online

1. 3D Waterslide Nail Decals

Visit Etsy Shop

Here are some really cute designs that have a clear background so you can use any color of polish you want that will peek through underneath. 

These nail decals are embossed with clear outlines and this shop uses a high quality printing system to get them perfect.

"Besides nail wraps, we also have water transfer nail decals that are perfect for those who still prefer nail polish or gel but are looking to add some beautiful designs and art to their nails."

waterslide nail decals

2. Pastel Floral Water Decals

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Another cute design from EZ Nails Store. Pretty florals that look like real watercolor paintings. There's many types of waterslide nail decals to choose from in gorgeous colors that are perfect for any season.

When it comes to a nail color for spring or summer a pastel base color is the way to go. The light shades add just the right amount of color for spring or summer.

We have a list of the best pastel nail polishes to try this year. Any of the colors on the list will go great with these water nail decals from this shop.

metallic water nail decals

3. Floral Watercolor Designs

Visit Etsy Shop

With a set of pretty floral nail decals, you can have gorgeous nails without having to go to a salon. These water nail decals are easy to apply, and there are lots of different colors to choose from so you can create your own unique nail art designs.

Whether you're looking for a simple way to spruce up your nails for a special occasion or you want to try out a new nail art idea, these decals are a great option.

This shop is packed full of gorgeous water decals like florals and nature inspired treats. They have a large selection and their prices are amazing.

Try applying these decals onto a jelly nail polish for a soft and subdued look to your manicure.

nail water decals

4. Tribal Nail Designs

Visit Etsy Shop

Search through their tribal collections when you visit their shop for these cool designs. Just add some gems and you have a great set of nails that are so easy to make.

When using gems and rhinestones, the best glue will give you a strong hold so that the gem does not fall off. Here are the best glue options for nail art.

tribal water nail decals

5. Cow Print Waterslide Decals

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This large set of cow print nail stickers are made with materials and inks that will not streak. If you love cow print nails check out this article about the best cow print nail art ideas.

cow print waterslide nail decals

6. Waterslide Nail Sets

Visit Etsy Shop

Visit this shop for everything nail art and water decals. They have hundreds of listings to choose from to suit your nail style. We love their large packs that you can purchase to go with any style or outfit.

A set nail decals can help you achieve the perfect DIY manicure at home. There are lots of different colors to choose from, so you can mix and match to create your own unique nail art design.

Water nail decals are easy to use; simply apply them to clean, dry nails and then seal with a clear top coat. You can also use them to accentuate other nail art designs.

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, these nail decals are a great way to add a touch of color and personality to your nails.

Nail art lovers are talking about how easy their water nail transfers are to apply with water & tweezers. And the customer service that they give is 5 star.

best water decal nail shops etsy

7. Cupcake Water Nail Decals

Visit Etsy Shop

Some of the most adorable and unique water decals are offered in this shop. From lemons & limes to summer fun. You'll want to spend time picking out your favorite nail waterslide decals like these cute cupcakes.

Using nail decals is a great way to achieve salon-looking nails at home. All you need is a little bit of time and some patience.

water nail decals

8. Lemon & Lime Water Nail Decals

Visit Etsy Shop

Colorful and bright nail decals is what you will find in this shop for any time of the year. There's so many ways that you can incorporate these cute water decals into your nail art designs.

There are a variety of ways to do a DIY manicure with nail decals, but one of the simplest is to use the nail decals onto regular nail polish and then cover with a top coat.

Nail decals are a great way to add a little bit of personality to your nails without having to go to a salon. You can find many designs in this Etsy shop.

They are simple to apply and can be removed easily with nail polish remover.

lemon lime waterslide nail decals

9. Pink Floral Water Transfer Nail Stickers

Visit Etsy Shop

Hundreds of gorgeous nail water transfers to choose from for every season. Their customers are raving about their bright colors and professional results.

If you are looking for a cute gift idea for a nail artist, they arrive in these little packages.

"These salon-quality water decals are thin so will appear smooth on your nails." 

best water nail decals

10. Sunflower Water Transfer Decals

Visit Etsy Shop

Looking for a nail art idea that's both bright and classic? Then look no further than sunflower nail decals! These decals are easy to apply and give your nails an instant pop of color. Plus, they'll last for days without chipping or fading.

To apply, simply soak the decal in water for a few minutes, then slide it onto your nail. Press down to secure, and you're done! For a complete nail art look, pair your sunflower decals with a nude or go all out with a glittery nail polish.

This Etsy shop offers quality water transfer nail decals in so many colorful and bold designs. You will be sure to find some favorites.

I've always had a love of making fun, unique items. It excites me to bring smiles to everyone's faces. Please enjoy my shop and come back often, as I am always creating something new.

water nail decals

11. Book Lover Waterslide Decals

Visit Etsy Shop

Bold colors and fun designs can be found in this Etsy shop. They offer water nail stickers that are created with high quality materials and graphics. These waterslide nail decals would look fantastic over top of a silvery nail polish color.

Do check back often because this shop is always finding new and trending nail art decals to add to their shop.

best waterslide nail decals

12. Agate Slices Water Decals

Visit Etsy Shop

Add some fun and whimsy to your nails with these agate waterslide nail decals! With delightful shapes and colors, these stickers are a great way to show your love of agates.

They're easy to apply and look great on a darker color nails like black nail polish and color shifting nail polishes.

agate waterslide nail decals

13. Nature Inspired Decals

Check Price On Amazon

For all of the nature lovers out there, check this set. You receive 24 sheets of fun and beautiful DIY water nail decals. All you have to do is cut the flower pattern to fit.

Flower nails never go out of style. Make a whole set of floral nails and apply real flowers for nails for a nature inspired manicure.

water nail decals 

14. Heart Water Nail Decals

Visit Etsy Shop

Gorgeous waterslide decals with hundreds of designs to choose from in this top selling Etsy shop.

Check their announcements for bulk buys and sales if you are looking for nail supplies for your shop or salon. Decals have made our list of the best products to offer to boost nail salon sales.

waterslide nail decals

15. Full Color Water Nail Decals

Visit Etsy Shop

Be a magical unicorn with these easy-to-use nail decals! Just pick your favorite design, and watch your nails transform into a work of art.

Whether you're going for a casual look or trying to achieve that perfect party look, unicorn waterslide nail decals have you covered. And they are long lasting too as long as you apply two coats of a clear top coat.

So grab some today and start feeling like the fabulous unicorn you are!

best water nail decals

16. Botanical Waterslide Decals

Check Price On Amazon

Looking for a fun and creative way to accessorize your nails? Look no further than these botanical waterslide nail decals!

With pretty floral designs in a range of colors, these stickers are the perfect way to add some fun and personality to your nails.

Instructions are included in the package of this set. Like all water nail decals these are super easy to use.

They work great on bare natural nails, polished nails and on gels. Just apply a top coat in your favorite finish and you are good to go!

water nail decals

17. Nail Decal Templates

Check Etsy Sellers

Nail art is a fun and creative way to express your personality, and there are endless possibilities for design. If you're looking for a creative way to jazz up your nails, why not try using nail decal templates?

With downloadable templates, you can create your own nail art designs that are unique and stylish.

waterslide nail decal templates

18. Gold Foil Waterslide Decals

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Looking for a way to add some glamor and excitement to your nails? Look no further than these gold nail decals! These fun and stylish decals are easy to apply, and will give your nails a dazzling golden finish.

Whether you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your look or want to make a bold statement, these gold water slide decals are perfect for you!

One of the nice things about nail decals is that they remove easily with nail polish remover. Just get some paper towel, apply the remover and rub gently until the decal is removed.

gold foil waterslide nail decals

19. Dream Catcher Decals

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Introducing dreamcatcher water nail decals, designed to captivate and enchant your manicure like never before.

These one-of-a-kind decals blend the delicate beauty of dreamcatchers with the mesmerizing allure of water-inspired motifs.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each decal showcases intricate patterns delicately interwoven with graceful water droplets, creating a harmonious fusion of nature and dreams.

dreamcatcher water nail decals

You can also check out the using waterslide nail decals step by step instructions.

Did you find a new favorite waterslide decal from this list? We hope so!

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