Printable Nail Stickers

How To Use Printable Nail Stickers

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PRINT WITH VARIOUS PRINTER SIZES to make the stickers smaller. Resize the sheet with your photo editing software to create even more custom looks.


Printable nail stickers can be printed using the following:

1. WATERSLIDE DECAL PAPER: Hands down, the best way to use our printable nail stickers is to print them onto waterslide decal paper. Using the proper paper will produce the thinnest, easiest nail art decal to use without compromising the print clarity of the nail decal.

The extra long printable stickers must be printed on the thinnest paper possible to avoid creasing.

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2. STICKER PAPER: Some sticker papers will not require a coating.

3. REGULAR PRINTER PAPER: After printing, use a non-toxic sealant spray (or polish with a stamper) to seal the ink so that it doesn't run. Sometimes a clear coat of polish or a very thin coat of gel polish might work with a nail stamper. The coating that you use will depend on the printer and paper that you use. Try different coatings to see what works for you. If you are using a laser printer, normally the ink will not run.


Step 1: Print the stickers in your desired size
Step 2: Cut out the sticker that you want to use for your nail art
Step 3: Apply a base coat to your nail in your desired color
Step 4: Using tweezers, apply the nail sticker and gently press the decal onto the nail
Step 5: Apply a top coat for protection

Printable nail art stickers are great for nail artists, manicures and pedicures. Nail stickers are a fun way to decorate your nails at home. These nail decal stickers can be used on natural or false nails. The possibilities are endless with our high quality printable nail art sticker sheets.

Not ok to re-sell as a download.

Ok to print as many sheets as you want to sell in your nail studio either as single sheets or collections, or give away as gifts.

This is an instant download, no physical item will be shipped.

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